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Introduction: Casper's Super Lunch - Microwave

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This was my lunch today haha

Am using small white pumpkin which the stores here referred it as casper, thus the title :)

Step 1: Cooking the Pumpkin

Wash pumpkin but don't pat to dry

Poke some holes using fork and cook on high on microwave for 8 minutes (pumpkin will be tender already)

Slice into half and clean the inside

Step 2: Preparing the Lunch

Sprinkle inside of pumpkin with salt and freshly cracked black pepper, set aside

Slice half of 1washed red bell pepper, then slice into sticks

Mix bell pepper with drained canned peas (about 4-5 tbsp) and spoon into prepared pumpkin

Top with 1 tbsp salted butter and microwave on high for 1.5 minutes

Serve immediately with sunny side up eggs (which was also prepared using microwave), sprinkled with salt and black pepper

Easy peasy and yummy. Enjoy~



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    thanks but i think you are spamming at the same time lol

    yes yes and yes!

    finally! it says minutes now!

    thanks :

    on my edit page, I typed 1.5 minutes

    am not sure why it says 1.5 h

    I deleted and retyped that part, saved, and it still shows 1.5 on the instructable :-/