Cassava Cake





Introduction: Cassava Cake

First of all, I want to apology maybe this could be the worst Instruction posted here at Instructables.....

What is Cassava Cake?
Cassava Cake is one of the most delicious delicacies in the Philippines.. Surely it is made easily.. A few steps and you can eat the cake...

Step 1: Ingredients and Procedure

(Below... the first picture)

1. Mix sugar and margarine until smooth. Then, add the cassava and coconut milk. Add vanilla and stir.
2. Bake for 30 minutes at 400 degrees F.
3. Pour the condensed milk on top of the cassava cake and sprinkle the grated cheese on top.
4. Place in the oven and brown the topping.

NOTE: Make sure that you peel the skin of the cassava..

Step 2: Enjoy!

The taste might depends on the ratio of the ingredients... try experimenting and you might find the right taste for you....

And if you have question.. I am very please to answer it all.. or any comments, violent reaction or anything you are welcome too...... Thanks...

btw, I learned this in my school's canteen chef.... sadly, i don't have time to make this at home that's why i can't post pictures step by step..... I'm VERY VERY Sorry about that one...



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    I just made one today. It was ao dry. Well is there a way to fix my cake? I used a different recipe. But i was so sad with the result. Is there anyway to make it gooey or sticky or like that?

    I LOVE IT!!! It tastes just like tapioca! Here in Mexico we eat tapioca at LEAST once a week. It's REALLY GOOD!!!

    P.S. PLEASE vote for me in the Cocktails Vs. Mocktails Contest!!!!!

    in filipino i would say "ANG SARAP NITO!" in english, i would say "this is fkn delicious" :D

    Don't knock it until you try it, it is really a delicious cake.

    What does the cake taste like? it looks good, but cheese? What's the cheese for?

    well you do eat cheese cake don't you?

    the texture of the cake is not what you are thinking of in the sense that the cake is not crumbly it is more sticky, gooey, and yummy. The cheese is just an added touch of flavor to offset the sweet taste of the cake. Try it, you will like it.

    Well, that's ok... thanks for the comment.. :)

    Looks good , I have eaten it with the and without the cheese ..........clears the taste of dinardaraan (spelling?) and balut out of the mouth and I do like both of those

    What does cassava taste like? sweet, salty, coconut like?

    5 replies

    I think cassava is also the same us manioc and yucca root

    I make cassava cake. I buy Goya's frozen cassava at an international market. Since its still whole, I defrost it, then put it in the food processor. In Hispanic grocery stores, its also known as "yucca".

    I wonder if it is called the same here in Cannada. probably....

    if you're asking what does this taste like? well., its some what milky and creamy if you eat this

    Oh i forgot to mention :) put it in the fridge and try it cold the next day - makes a perfect "walk out the door snack".

    I wanted to try a new dessert and found this one on the net - tried it out on my partner and 5 year daughter and now frozen casava is a must on the Groceries list:). Try it!! Promise you won't be disappointed:)