This Casserole Carrier will keep your dish safe and hand heat free. Food will stay warm just a little longer with the insolation provided. This one is a gift and I'm filling it with all the fixings for my favorite hot dip.
this project is based off the size of your particular casserole dish. The measurements will need to be filled in accordingly.  These are guide lines intended to help you work through figuring out your own dimentions. they are by no means exact.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Main fabric  less than 1 yard
Lining less than a yard
Isolated batting 
Casserole dish with lid
Zipper (2 x width )+length + 3"
or zipper off the roll works well, less than a yard needed.
webbing  yardage needed is (Width x 6") + (depth x 4") + 2" for join *a little extra is good.
Marking tool
Sewing machine

Congrats! Totally voted for you, and if I had a sewing machine or any ability at all with a needle and thread I would have my own casserole carrier right now. Great idea!
Thanks for the vote! We all have our own talents, I look at the electronic stuff and get that same feeling.
Oooh, I've been needing to make one of these!

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