Introduction: Cassete Tape Organizer

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Do you have old cassete tape cases lying around that you don't need? Then this is a fun way to reuse them! Introducing......The Cassete Tape Organizer! It can organize you notes, hold your money, and I'm sure you can figure out a lot more things too!

Step 1: Gather These Things...

Picture of Gather These Things...

You will need to get these things,


-Cassete Tape Case
-Small Pen
-Flash Drive
-(Optional) Stickers


-Paper Cutter

Now you're ready!!

Step 2: The Case

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First, take your pliers and break the little bumps in the cassete case and then you're with this part!

Step 3: Cut the Paper

Picture of Cut the Paper

Secondly, take the paper cutter (or scissors) and cut the paper to 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches.

Step 4: Fill 'er Up!

Picture of Fill 'er Up!

Lastly, fill the case with the paper, pen, and flash drive!

Step 5: (Optional) Put the Stickers On!

Picture of (Optional) Put the Stickers On!

Now stick your stickers on! I had some Apple logo stickers lying around so I used those!

Step 6: You're Finished!

Picture of You're Finished!

Now go and organize whatever you need! Thanks for reading my Instructable and please vote for me in the USB Contest, rate, and comment please!


salomon1996 (author)2010-06-26

nice, what are the apple stickers for?

they are for decoration.

They are for brainwashing.

you don't like apple?

No. I don't like buying into a brand. Buying an apple computer is like buying is like buying designer clothing. It's overpriced and at the end of the day all you get is something very flashy, but not so functional

this aint true aple makes very good quality products and they work very well! about the prices well i cant say its cheap but if you buy an iphone for example, well you wont be deceived...

how about ipods than?

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