I saw Fblades Funky-Retro-Cheap Ass Belt Buckle and thought that looks good but i wanted to make my own that i could put on different belts

Step 1: Tools

Here are the tools and materials i used, not all of them are pictured :

2 Flat screwdrivers to prise the cassette apart
Ruler and pencil to mark the holes to be drilled
Molegrips, snippers and pliers for cutting and bending the wire coat hanger
Drill with 3.5mm and 4mm drill bits
Wire coat hanger

Also not pictured super glue and clamps
www.mixtapeapparel.com does these a different way using two metal backing peices
This is a very cool idea for old cassette tapes. My dad has some really old classic tapes. So, I went ahead and modified the instructions a little bit. Instead, of drilling into the actual cassette tape, I made my buckle out of the clear cassette case. By doing that, I can change the cassette tape inside the case to whatever I want depending on my mode or my attire that day. Thanks for the great tip and idea.
Dude, do you have any idea what the tape WAS worth as a collectible?
No but i have a double of the one in the picture above and another batman one so i thought why not
awesome.. i was lookin for some online but no luck
Yeah i tried looking online too but no look only found pictures of the rest of the collection. Here is some info to help in your search they are part of the BASF fanatsy collection.
those tapes are ace.. where did you find them?
They were just ones I had from when I was younger that I found again not so long ago

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