Step 6: Done!

Enjoy your recycling and your retro-cool!
I just took it out to a networking event. Definitely works to further break the ice when you've taken it out of your pocket.<br><br>I will comment that I found success in drilling (with a fine bit, mind you) through the two holes at the bottom corners of the cassette, which I've fed a wire through. Admittedly, still not perfect. If it opens to far, my wire rings will unalign, making the whole thing cumbersome to close up. (no wires in pic)
<p>great idea. Voila!</p>
<p>great tutorial! </p>
Made 3 of these today. Used clear cases so my cards are visible. I have 3 cards all the same business just focused at different crowds. Coolest idea ever. I used some magnets and the metal plate inside the cassette to keep em shut a little better.
Very Cool. Do you think it could also be made to hold credit cards and the like? They're usually a touch larger but still very close in size.
Glad you all like it, thanks! <br> <br>And yes, it does fit credit cards. It hadn't occurred to me, but when you asked, I tried it. You could fit a couple cards and a small wad of bills, so I guess you could have one tape for your business cards and another for your wallet...
Cool, I've been trying to find an alternative to a wallet for a while because they can be so thick. I might have to grab some tapes out of the basement.
You could also fold money in thirds and leave it laying in this case, as most thieves would look at an old cassette tape and ignore it.
True enough about that Apple tape, but there are mega-nerds who collect all things Commodore and Pre-Mac Apple, as well as Coleco, Mattell, Atari, etc. etc. and will pay big bucks for it, as one guy paid $12,000 for a wooden Apple One computer. You may have been able to E-bay that one!
Love it. <br>And to manage business cards and contacts, I use CardFila.com. It has application for iPhone and android phone also.
say whattt! so cool!
Tried this with three old tapes and love this mod. Thx!
My dad actually got to meet Steve Jobs.He is amazing <br> <br>R.I.P Steve Jobs <br>You are amazing
Love it, so retro!
Great idea!
Very clever! Now, my favorite business card holder :)
That's an awesome idea. I especially like the apple tape you chose. :D

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