I've been trying for some time to come up with a mod for the cassette tape.  Initially I thought it would be cool if I could stick a voice recorder into one of those tiny cassette tapes that used to be used in message machines (trying to ironic!) but it was way too small. 

Then I hit upon using one as an MP3 player.  Surprisingly, no-one has completed one yet as an 'ible so I decided to go down this path.  The hardest part was trying to find the right MP3 to be able to mod.  I finally found this MP3 Player on Ebay which fits really well into a cassette tape once the insides are removed.

The only changes you'll have to do is a bit of trimming to the cassette tape with a dremmel, a little bit of soldering and some design work and your done.

So in the name of irony, I present to you this Cassette Tape MP3 Player.


Step 1: Things to Gather.


1. Cassette Tape (get a few of these if you can, I found mine at a second hand shop, about the only place you can get them now. Make sure it uses screws to hold the case together.
2. Labels - These are used to add your own images to the cassette tape
3. MP3 player. Can be found on EBay.
4. 4 momentary push buttons. These you will pull apart and use as replacement switches.
5. Thin black plastic. i.e. from a oil container


1. Dremmel
2. Screwdriver
3. Drill
4. Stanley knife
5. Hot glue gun
6. Sharp scissors~
<p>LOVE this :-)</p><p>http://www.sandiegodjstaci.com</p>
now you just need to make it work in a tape player
<p>China got there first. I bought this and it works fine. </p><p><a href="http://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-Telecontrol-Tape-Cassette-SD-MMC-MP3-Player-Adapter-Kit-W-Remote-Control-/290977381361" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-Telecontrol-Tape-Casse...</a></p>
<p>That's similar to the one I bought my girlfriend many years ago, as our car only had a cassette deck.</p><p>It had a metal body, and the tape deck's fast-forward / rewind would skip to the next / previous track. Very clever. It also had a controller with LCD track display, in-line with the headphones. <br><br>The battery was weird though, and the only company I could find to replace it sold a slightly larger version that wouldn't quite fit. :-/</p>
<p>no offense, but you over thought this. I did that 12 years ago with a lithium battery and a MP3 rig and hid it in the normal tape case and left the white rings for giggles.</p>
<p>Hi, creative idea! Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Kip Kay's </p>Cassette Tape Hack!<br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDoYgN0yMfk
<p>In case anyone might be interested. AliExpress has quite a choice of casette tape players that output in mp3 format that can be directly saved / recorded on device of your choice. </p>
<p>Thanks for the nice comment! I finally got around finishing mine. </p>
That looks great. Can you post an instructible on your build?
<p>I already did: </p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Cassette-MP3-Player/</p>
<p>Wow! I love my old tapes. But do you think I can use standard AA batteries for this?</p>
Howdy - you can charge the MP3 player through the headphone jack. It comes with a USB adapter.
Hi, <br><br>Just curious... Im about to try this out, but i didn't notice anything in your instructions for charging the battery. I'm assuming this mod would require a full change out each time rhe battery dies?
<p>Why would you need a second hand shop for a tape? Just press the eject.</p>
<p>hey hi,</p><p>nice job. I need battery. What type of Battery it is?</p>
To smo prijatelji, ansambel Lojzeta Slaka :) <br>Are you Slovenian or just have Slovenian ancestors?
You should use an 3g ipod shuffle(the one with no buttons), you need one slide switch and a headphone plug, nice and easy :)
Great work.
I love everything about this. You have my vote.
Thanks dude
Great build! I tried to make something like this a few years ago, but the mp3 player I had turned out to be too big . . . this is way better looking than mine would have turned out anyway!
Thanks man. Some of the MP3 players you can get these days are tiny. Really made the job easy.
Well done!
Thanks dude
In the future, grab a cassette adapter and do the same mod but connect the adapters magnetic head to the audio out of the mp3 player. or buy this. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007RUGC1M?ie=UTF8&amp;force-full-site=1&amp;ref_=aw_bottom_links
We do not buy........... &quot;WE MAKE!!&quot;
And mod ; )
What a neat project! <br> <br>BTW, can you tell what headphone you're using on the first picture?
There called &quot;muse&quot; and I got them from Borders Aust before they went kaput.
REALLY clever! I'm wondering if I could fit a small OLED-equipped player (like a Sansa Clip) so that the OLED would be visible through the tape window!
What a great idea! And really nice 'ible! I just hope you digitized Paul Robeson before you started;-)
So...how do you put in the USB port?
Good question! <br>The headphone jack hole is also used as a USB port. You get a special cord for this with the MP3. It means less holes in the cassette tape which is a good thing.
pretty cool....you can place it in tape machine of the car and listening your list.....
This is going on my to-build list for sure.
cool - pretty easy mod. Really dig your ornithopters by the way.
Oh jeez, I must make one. Good job man!
cheers mate
really cool! reminds me of that cassette tape transformer from like 15 years ago, but way cooler. <br> <br>sweet instructable mang.
Yeah I remember those as a kid. Man they were great, really solid with metal parts - not like the plastic tansformers you get today
Awesome work!<br>Definitely a winner - got my vote!
cool - thanks
Ahh great minds think alike, I had the same idea. Still waiting for my card to arrive, though. Great job! It looks really good!
Cheers - good luck with your mod.

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