Picture of Cassette Tape Wallet
Tapes degrade over time... the sound sucks on most of them, and my tape player is broken.

BUT they still look cool!

So this funky blue tape is now a wallet.
As illustrated, this wallet will make you wealthy (and yes, that is real money) (and no, you can't have some).

I was inspired by;topicseen
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Step 1: Gather the stuff

Picture of Gather the stuff
What!? you don't have funky colored tapes lying around waiting to be re-fashioned?

Fine. Do what I did and hit up the thrift store...

You'll need:
Some old tapes
Screwdrivers (small)
Hot glue gun (and glue sticks)
a sewing machine or needle and thread
Small scraps of cloth
A zipper (or buttons, or whatever other closure you can dream up).


Pull them apart!
Some tapes (newer ones) are sealed together with plastic or glue. You'll need the little flathead screwdriver to pry these open.

Older ones often have screws (hence the mini phillips head)

Now pull out all of the innards. You can use the actual tape for shiny streamers, or do what I did. Give it to the kids. They spent 2 hours wrapping them around the house to see how long they were.

See all the bumpy plastic crap on the inside?
This has to go. Use the pliers to pull/hack it off.

Step 3: Get Crafty

Picture of Get Crafty
Cut out a piece of fabric that is a little bigger than your tape.
Salvage some zipper from some garment.
(mine came from a particularly atrocious vinyl raincoat.
Poor cassette tape. Incase you wonder about audio quality, MP3 is below cassette.
designboom has the same thing for $39, which is ridiculous. I have to try this :D
fwjs285 years ago
that is realy awesome...
MrNagrom6 years ago
so it's a tape glued to a change purse....... i've never entirely understood why more than a rubber band was necessary.. i mean.. what are people carrying in their wallets that they require more than a rubberband.... somone should make cool rubberbands to use as wallets.
Obsessive6 years ago
Really cool idea! Retro. I like it.
anadentone7 years ago
Awesome work! I for some reason couldn't find my cassettes (go fig) But I happened across a mini tape that had the tape film cut.I simply made a mini version of this using felt and a velcro dot. It's not really productive but I turned it into a key chain from an old plushy key chain ( he came off ) Thanks for the instructable!
nice, i wonder if i could make a regular folding walet (im a guy) but good idea to use the old casset
Robyntheslug (author)  rocknrollskwurl7 years ago
Sure you could. You could just use an old cassette to modify an inexpensive canvas wallet. I would just find one the right size and glue the cleaned out cassette to either side.
And to think I wasn't inspired by neither of those.... then again my design differs :)