Now that everything is up and running (my pics uploaded and "boxed")...

Here's my wallet that I've planned, designed and created.

I've had this collection of tapes sitting around for quite some time now and have been trying to figure out what to do with them. Now I've figured out what to do with a few.

Almost forgot the Warnings: Hot stuff... Do NOT touch. Fumes..... Do NOT breathe in. Sharp objects.... Have an adult help you.

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Step 1: Materials needed

You'll need:
1. Soldering iron
2. Hot glue gun
3. Cassette tape
4. Cassette tape case
5. 1 film canister (lid too)
6. Small Screwdriver
7. Electrical wire
8. One LED lead (leg)
9. A copper BB (or a bead of solder)
10. Scissors
11. Lamination sheet
12. Laminator
13. Wax paper and regular paper
14. Money
15. Credit/shopping cards
16. Wire cutters
17. Pliers

In the first picture, you can see the prototype :P

Step 2: Card Holder

1. Take your cassette tape apart by removing the five screws holding it together.
2. Remove all the junk from inside.
3. Use the wire cutters to remove the plastic inside (see pictures)
4. Next, we will use the soldering iron to smooth out the cut away plastic (do in well vented area)
5. Once you've completely gutted the inside, place the pieces back together (without the screws). At least 4 cards should be able to fit inside without it popping open again.

6. Use pliers to hold the tape upright and together.
7. Cut off 3 pieces of wire, each about .75" long.
8. Use the soldering iron against a nail (hold the nail with pliers) to melt holes in the top of the tape case. These holes will be the hinges.
9. Insert each piece of wire into the case and loop them into the other side.
10. Use hot glue to hold them in place.

You should now be able to open and close the tape case on its "hinges.

mijonju7 years ago
looks cool man.. but what if you fall?? itll crack~ any idea how you can anti that?
FrenchCrawler (author)  mijonju7 years ago
Wear a hat and put it under it. If you fall on your head, your wallet will be the least of your worries :P
Kaiven7 years ago
this is cool, i want to make it, but i don't have a cassette tape, led wire, metal bb, soldering iron, or money lol.
Kaiven Kaiven7 years ago
i guess i can only make the dollar part, without the canister... "remove two pillars on the left side" ... Wow, that was easy
FrenchCrawler (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
I removed everything from my prototype wallet and now use it to hold my spare 15 minute batteries.
yeah, i know. I saw you ytell someoe that elsewhere... not sure where, but pretty cool!
Wiebel7 years ago
I think I'll adapt the "card holder" alone, in a slim line case. I like it very much, esp. the nice made hinge.
FrenchCrawler (author)  Wiebel7 years ago
Thanks. In my prototype, I used two LED leads as the hinges, but after a few opens/closes, they began to get flimsy and then broke. That's when I figured it'd be best to use wire seeing as how flexible it is (I used stranded wire, you could try solid but it'd probably be more likely to break).
this is a really cool idea, and from what i can tell its looks pretty sick, but im having a lost of trouble understanding whats going on from the pictures. they are all way too dark and out of focus. maybe try a more well lit room or diffused flash next time?
FrenchCrawler (author)  mintyhippo907 years ago
Sorry bout the pictures, but they're the best I could do with my D'zign camera. Actually, my computer nook is the best lit place cause it has two small halogen lights overhead and I don't use the flash on my camera cause it takes too long to charge up (I did adjust the exposure setting for better pictures).
krazy7 years ago
not bad but whats the led lead for if your not gonna make it light? not worth wasting an LED . still its pretty neat but i use my bank card too much to have to keep digging it out of the tape. but still a very cute idea..i like it
FrenchCrawler (author)  krazy7 years ago
You don't waste a LED, you don't need the entire lead only about .75"- The full length of a normal lead is 1" (usually you snip off the excess lead when you make a light. I don't toss out the excess leads, I toss them in a film canister for projects like this). You could add a light into the case on the left side, though it may be a tight fit. That's why I'm placing SMD LEDs into the cassette tape itself. Unfortunately, there isn't enough room for my smack lights to fit in the case. Thanks :)
ranex7 years ago
asome wallet -like the ability to show id quikly
FrenchCrawler (author)  ranex7 years ago
Thanks... I messed it up the first time. I forgot that I had to place a piece of wax paper around the paper. So the lamination sheet stuck to the paper and I had to do it again :P