Hey, thank You!! I did this lamp thanks to your tutorial, it's been only a little bit difficult to unattach the bulb nest from this long shaft, I had to use Dremel and just cut it off, otherwise it wouldn't budge at all<br> <br> . Look: <a href="https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/423612_483846754967120_2030791369_n.jpg" rel="nofollow">https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/423612_483846754967120_2030791369_n.jpg</a><br> <br> Now I changed to green bulb, it looks great!
I'm stuck on getting the Large tube out of the the lamp. How do you disconnect the wires from the bulb adapter?
Hi, everybody. the Cool lighting device in a room.
what kind of glue did you use? hard plastic glue?
Ya sorry the tube of glue i used was purchased here in the Netherlands so 'hard plastic glue' is the exact translation of what was written on the tube. It also is/dries clear. <br><br>There are so many different glues out there, but i think a general purpose glue should also work fine. Just check what materials it is suitable for. Hope this helps
I used this idea today but &quot;themed&quot; it. I am an old skool hip hop junkie so I dug out some old hip hop cassettes from the basement (you can get them at thrift store as well). <br><br>I followed the instructions. Ikea did not have the model number or size listed for base. I got the closest one. It was a 14 base. Worked fine. <br><br>Hardest part was getting the metal tube from the base (what was described as the easy part)......lol.......and I couldnt glue the light fixture in place well. So it is looser than I'd like inside. <br><br>Make your own. Kids songs, rock and roll, country, classical, motivational, gospel, .........any theme that fits you!
Hi, the ikea part i got just unscrewed from the base. So 10 seconds and it was off. There was also a small raised metal tube where it screwed to the base so the light fixture glued solid enough to this. <br>Strange you would think ikea stuff would be fairly standard across the globe.
Looks cool. We don't have ikea over here so will have to try and find a square based lamp elsewhere.
Ahh that sucks, IKEA is great for the odd cheap bit or two for a project. Just checked your Location as I was curious where you lived without IKEA.<br>Dunedin, New Zealand, lovely spot, happy memories there pre xmas festivities 2009. :) Success
hpat -- does this mean that if you don't glue the lids in place, you can still get the tapes out of the boxes?
They won't come out even if you don't glue the lids but it stops them rattling. Also keeps dust out a little better as they stay fully shut.
oh yeah -- great ible, neato lamp!
Looks Great! one question... does the heat from the bulb not cause the plastic (cassette case and /or cassette tape) to melt?
I use a 5W bulb from IKEA. See image. It's one of the energy saving ones and it takes a few minutes to reach full brightness. <br><br>As for heat, even after a few hours with this bulb it still feels cool on the inside of the tapes which surprised me. The narrow profile of the bulb probably helps.
Brilliant + Safe! Awesome idea!
this is soooooo great! Thanks for the hefty dose of inspiration!
Great design! You don't see cassettes very often anymore.
Thanks, I do see lots of cassettes in the second hand stores here but none in use anymore. I think I may be the only one buying them.
This is a great idea. :D Looks amazing!

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