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Introduction: Cassette Tapes Pencil Box

About: Sou um apreciador profissional de cultura pop, como música, filmes, seriados e quadrinhos. Ocasionalmente, ganho algum dinheiro dando aulas de Física. Tenho sempre inúmeros projetos em mente, mas infelizmen...

I used to record a lot of songs on cassete tapes back in the late 80s / early 90s. It all changed when I bought my first CD recorder in 1997. I never get rid of the tapes, but I'll never listen to them again, I'm sure. So I decided to have a little fun, recycling them into a pencil box, thus honoring the great moments I had listening to these tapes in the old days.

Step 1: Cassette Tapes Pencil Box - Step 1

I started with a carton box. I cut a square from it (7,5 x 7,5 cm).

Step 2: Cassette Tapes Pencil Box - Step 2

I reinforced the square with some scraps of adhesive paper, and then glued a picture of a Joaquín Torres García painting. This is the bottom of the box.

Step 3: Cassette Tapes Pencil Box - Step 3

Using a universal instant adhesive liquid, I pasted the tapes to each other.

Step 4: Cassette Tapes Pencil Box - Step 4

Just keep pasting.

Step 5: Cassette Tapes Pencil Box - Step 5

Almost done!

Step 6: Cassette Tapes Pencil Box - Step 6

Finally, I glued the four tapes over the cardboard base.

Step 7: Final Product!

Just 15 minutes of easy work.

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I am continually amazed at the artistry of people. Wonderful.

I once made something similar a couple of years ago, but with floppy disks instead :)


such an awesome idea.. I'm making it this weekend-!! I believe the 99' cent stores sell them still or a used record spot. ty.

What's a cassette tape?
What's a pencil?
Kidding. I'm from teh 70's/80's. You were doing pretty darn good to have CD recorder. That's quite a jump!

I regret throwing away my old tapes :(

by staggering them the other way you could have the tape exposed [if desired]

Good job. I like it!

Great idea!! I have loads of cassette tapes in my garage I could use for making these!