Step 6: Optional: Cushion Your IPod

For this you will need an old sponge (preferably one that has firmed up a bit) and, if you want to make it look pro, some double stick tape and scrap paper you've drawn or printed graphics on.

So first, cut your sponge to fit the dimensions of the extra space behind your ipod in the case with either a swiss army knife or an Exacto knife (scissors could probably even work). This is basically trial and error since I can't tell you how much room you'll have.

Next use strong double stick tape (I like carpeting tape) with your printed or drawn on paper to cover the sponge. I also used a black paint marker to cover the top and bottom edge which weren't covered by paper.

You can also try cutting a thin rectangular piece to pad the extra width room in the case. This helps to keep the case shut in addition to padding the case.

I wish I had thought of this before I spent 30 bucks on my case

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