Cast Aluminum Self Cocking Crossbow Pistol





Introduction: Cast Aluminum Self Cocking Crossbow Pistol

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   This instructable is two videos that will show you how to make a self cocking crossbow pistol from scratch. It is a fun project that involves melting and pouring aluminum (don't worry, it's easy), PVC bow making, and some work with small simple mechanisms. Depending on what skills you already have this could be a good learning project. It will involve some work and some sort of difficult steps but it is still within reach of the complete beginner.
   Everything that really needs to be said is said in the videos, so here they are. I hope you get something useful out of this instructable and have a good time doing it:

Instructional video part 1:

Instructional video part 2:



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You might like to change your advice on changing to metric. The decimal point is in the wrong place. Multiply by 25.4, not 2.54

Definitely worth first place. Great instructable!

can u post blueprints

I was going to, but I think if you really are trying to build this you should be able to come up with a drawing that will work in just a couple minutes.

oh this is a very nice bow! and quite nice that you used aluminum casting. and the oil and clay sands is genius! ill be using these tips and tricks soon

Not to seem critical, but you may find this book very helpful. The Charcoal Foundry (Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap)
Gingery, David

What material is the bow made of?so small yet powerful.

It is PVC pipe.

Very impressive, I like the design a lot!

Very nice and good design, thanks for sharing.