Dental casting is super fun, and way easier than it seems.  Halloween is the perfect reason to make a cast of your teeth to sculpt custom fake teeth on top of them (as if you needed a reason)! 

If you can't get your supplies locally, there are lots of places to look on the internet.  I went directly to one of my favorite companies, Monster Makers.  They sell everything you need, plus videos, to show you how to make awesome, gnarly teeth (and a bunch of other cool stuff).

But before you can make your fake teeth, you have to cast your real teeth!  This Instructable is going to show you how to make a professional grade mold of your teeth, just like a dentist would.

Step 1: Materials

This is what came in my awesome Monster Makers kit:
  • Dental Trays
  • Dental Alginate
  • Tongue depressors
  • Ultra Cal 30 Gyspsum Cement
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Rubber Base Form
  • Some cool stuff to make teeth that we'll get into in another Instructable

You'll need to supply your own:
  • Cups
  • Water
  • Latex gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Teeth
<p>ordered dental kit. Told them you had recommended them. They were very happy. They are the most friendly and helpful of any company that I have dealt with lately. Even the owner got on the phone with helpful advice. I highly recommend Monster Makers. Glad that you did. Love your instructions. </p>
That's so great! I'm so glad you shared that with me and that Monster Makers continues to be an amazing company. I hope your teeth casting goes well :D
<p>Learned a lot here. I have most of the bits already as I broke my positives (provided by the dentist) when removing DIY, vacuum moulded device to hold my lower jaw forward, so I don't stop breathing when asleep. (the thermoplastic was a bit too stiff and I was too careless). </p><p>Your tips will remove a lot of the trial and error.</p><p>Many, many thanks!.</p>
My orthodontist did this so I could get a retainer. :-( <br><br><br>
<p>me too, it was bright pink (the squishy stuff) and tasted like tutti frutti!</p>
I had this done to have a dental guard made for rugby. I liked the squidgy feeling but it didn't taste nice.
<p>At Walmart, you can get mouth guards that form to your teeth (I used to be in MMA) I am sure you can use that as well as a mold. </p>
I got this done at the orthodontist. It was pretty bad. At least it was strawberry flavored! :)
<p>I would like to know how to do an additional step to make a custom fit plastic teeth whitening tray.</p>
I hate gagging
Thanks, but I asked my dentist to make me a set for future natural-looking dentures. <br>Best regards.
Eww this is like when I got impressions done at the Orthodonist. 0_0
Just a tip for those with a crazy bad gag reflex. take your left thumb and fold your fingers around it. (All done with the left hand obviously) Make a fist and squeeze your thumb. DO NOT BREAK YOUR OWN THUMB HERE! You will kill the gag reflex as long as you are squeezing. I do not know how this works I just know it does. You can now tickle your throat dangle thingie and not gag. <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>You are doing it now aren't you? SEE!
This is way too much fun,what a great idea.
I have had to take impressions at the dentist, and I had a terrible time with my oversensitive gag reflex.
I had the same problem when getting casted for a partial several years ago. <br> <br>The next time I had to get another casting done, I warned the technician that I was going to be gagging like I was choking to death, and she said &quot;oh that's no problem, we can fix that easy.&quot; <br> <br>As soon as they placed the casting stuff in my mouth, she had me sit straight up, and told me to hunch myself forward, and tuck my chin to my chest. <br> <br>Didn't gag once during the entire casting. Hope that helps any of you out there with horrible gag reflexes such as myself.
The feeling is absolutely terrible.
We should have taken some video during this process. I think it took me three times doing the uppers before I could do it without gagging and spitting it out. I saved you the really gross pictures with my gagging and the tears streaming down my face. :D
Oh, you have to HAVE TO remember to breathe through your nose. It helps!
great instructable! i used this process to make my fitted &quot;fangs&quot; one year.
I got some of these done at the dentist a long time ago, forgot why. It was pretty bad.
Cool, I want to try this :-)
Halloween? <br> <br>I'm faving this in case I need homemade dentures someday! ;-D
Fun idea!
That is CRAZY! Y'all are having a lot more fun than I ever did at work.
Weird to look at the intro image and think; <em>I've talked to those teeth!</em>

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