This will be my final Instructable on using liquid latex for costume design. For two part mould casting I tend to use gelatin ..... but that's another 'ible.

We are going to look at casting raw latex without baking or foaming, and run through the design for a Scorpion Queen commission.

This is the working drawing for the scorpion, I just painted over a photo off the net for the basic structures. I also had a design for a costume of eerie fingers. The scorpion does not require casting, but the fingers will. I actually got to do the scorpion shoot, but got made redundant before we completed the fingers shoot, so that costume is sitting in my workshop waiting for a victim and a studio. If I get it finished I'll post a comment with a link to it.

Materials list for this instructable:

Theatrical Liquid Latex
Hot melt glue
Plaster of Paris or Dental Casting Plaster
Pipe Lagging sponge
General purpose glue
Acrylic Artists Paint and Ink
Wax Paper
Cotton Wool


Step 1: Quick Veins

Here's an aside.

To make quick veins, lay three layers of latex down on a bit of wax or greaseproof paper. Let each one dry before you add the next.
Trail some hot melt glue over the latex, make sure the glue trails to a point.
Paint the hot melt red using acrylic paint.

Add three layers of latex over the glue .... hey presto, instant veins.

what type of body paint do you use?&nbsp; I've got a body painting event soon and i'm having so much trouble finding comprehensive information about it...<br />
i just found these:<br>http://www.durablesupply.com/pospainmar.html<br>an example:<br><br>http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y53/ph33tuz1/art/1024001804a.jpg
It's actually water based make up specifically designed for face and body art.<br /> Try searching for:<br /> <br /> Snazaroo - Cheapest at around &pound;3.00 GBP per colour<br /> Diamond FX (or DFX make up) - Nice paint but a bit dearer<br /> Wolfe Bros&nbsp; - Good if you can find it - Expensive<br /> Paradise - Best but REALLY expensive<br /> Fardell Fantasy Creme - Nice pastels but hard to apply and not cheap<br /> MAC - Body make up - The best and costs telephone numbers<br /> <br /> Global and Tim Grattons, from Australia, both nice liquid paints. Can be airbrushed if reduced 50% by volume with distilled water.<br /> <br /> Ben Nye and Kryolan - Movie SFX body paints. Good but you need to learn to use them.<br />
you are my hero,&nbsp; thanks.<br />
That is truly amazing. <br /> <br /> I&nbsp;wish you had put more of the picturs up or created a photobucket.<br /> <br /> I bet you get real busy around Halloween with your skills.
Have a look:<br /> <br /> <a href="http://marshon.deviantart.com/" rel="nofollow">HERE</a><br /> <br /> You may have to register but it's free<br />
Wicked cool! Love the attention to detail. <br />
Yeah I pretty much clicked this only to see that first pic bigger.<br />
Yup, I'd do just about anything to paint a pretty model with latex....@_@Where can I&nbsp;find a model? now that's another&nbsp; instructable I'd like to see..<br /> <br />
I'm&nbsp;thinking arduino and duct tape
In Houston Tx? Try <a href="http://www.modelmayhem.com/" rel="nofollow">Model Mayhem</a><br />
&nbsp;Nice but looks little scary too :)<br />
Hot damn

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