Casting Aluminum. a Saucer





Introduction: Casting Aluminum. a Saucer

This is my note and video about aluminum saucer casting. I use the same sand molding technology as in my previous videos. If you're interested in more details about green sand casting please read as well my other instructables and watch videos such as "Clothes hook - Aluminum casting" and "Brass casting heavy paperweight". Now, I'll mention just the main steps.

Step 1: Making a Mold

I used a ceramic saucer as a pattern.

Step 2: Casting Aluminum

I always have the problem with the quantity of melted aluminum. This time I prepared much more than was needed. Some aluminum got on the flask but it wasn't a problem.

Step 3: Taking Out the Saucer

When aluminum had cooled I opened a flask and took out the saucer.

Step 4: Finishing

Cut off technological metal and sanding the surface.



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    This is older but nobodys said anything so here's my limited advice as a non metal caster. Try to determine the volume of the liquid vs solid state of the aluminum in a void that you have the volume for already; such as a cube/rectangle. Say 2"x2"x4" is the total space but marke off at 2x2x2 and find that volume. Then pour to your mark and measure where the aluminum sits after curing. Id imagine it would be higher, then work out the expansion factor. I looked around but no formula to be found specifically. Just an idea.



    Thank you Thepinnacleofcynical. I'd like to recomend you my other videos which I mentioned in the first paragraph. It was even harder for me to make those things.

    this inspires me to take on yet another hobby, seems like great fun and useful too.

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    You're right Ihuizinga. You should try. May be it's not an art but I feel good when I create something. :)

    Thank you Wolfbane221!

    You have achieved more in the last three months than many guys do in three years, it's always a treat to see what you've been up to, keep 'em coming. ☺

    1 reply

    Thank you Hank. :) Now I have a lot of free time, so can do what I'm interested in. And of course, feedback is very important. Your comments always encourage to make more. :)