Step 9: Show off your homemade glass pieces!

Picture of Show off your homemade glass pieces!
If you made anything, be proud! This is a really difficult and time-intensive process.

I'd love to see pictures of other people's homemade cast glass!

I hope I didn't bore you with the science :)
Bore us? I thought it was fascinating. I've just started working with glass. I'm using low melt 90 & 96 coefficient frit (very finely ground glass).

I take it that the word "investment" means whatever mold your actually sacrificing in the kiln because one needs to destroy it to get to the final molded glass object.

Anyhow, the frit I'm using melts at about 2000 degrees and I leave it in the kiln for 2 hrs. I've had my glass come out opaque like yours and also nice and transparent. I thought mine came out opaque because I fired it either too long, or too hot, or both.

I enjoyed your Instructable and learned something, too.