Casting an Aluminium Slingshot


Introduction: Casting an Aluminium Slingshot

Hi there!
in this video i show you how i cast an aluminium slingshot!
I hope that you enjoy it!



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    Very good job, excellent looking, enjoyed your thorough narratiive. Also Enjoyed how you shared your errors n corrections along the way.bravo!!!

    very good buddy, you have taught me by your simple way of making that cool project!

    How about trying to use empty soda cans as a free source of aluminium ??

    Wow, that was an awesome Instructable! I might pursue this myself. I do not have any suggestions for a different material for the mold as I do not have experience with forgery. What tool were you using to take the can out of the fire? Also, how long does it take for the aluminum to get hot enough to pour, and how long does it take to cool?

    Again, great video, you should make one on how to forge a ring.

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    The tool that i was using was just some fire tongs that came with a fireplace that we got fitted a while ago.
    it took around 5 mins for the first bit of aluminium to melt but after that the rest melted instantly.
    it takes around 30-60 seconds for my aluminium to cool enough to pour water over it but it will be different for someone else depending on there forge
    I am glad that you enjoyed the video!

    Wow, it is kind of surprising how fast the aluminum melts. Thanks for letting me know.

    I found a forge just like you described:

    nice job, thanks for sharing