Casting with 123D Make (hot glue horse head)- I made it at TechShop

Picture of Casting with 123D Make (hot glue horse head)- I made it at TechShop
Last year I experimented with creating casts using 123D Make, thereby turning a 3D model into whatever casted material one might like. I created the hollow casts using Make and, after assembling them as one would with any 123D Make creation, had a series of casting blocks that I filled with hot glue to create a large sculpture. The result was this:

This one used about 135 10" hot glue sticks. In this instructable I'll walk through making a much smaller one that probably uses something closer to 5 or 6 sticks.

I made this project over at TechShop (
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Step 1: Software, tools & materials

Picture of Software, tools & materials
2013-05-19 18.51.17.jpg
2013-05-19 17.58.21.jpg
123D Make (free)
Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW (free trials available)

Epilog laser
18"x24" sheets of 3/8" plywood (2x)
Hot glue/hot glue gun
Corn/vegetable oil
JesusGeek1 year ago
Nice, but the casting hot glue vid had the worlds MOST annoying song!!!
studleylee1 year ago
Very cool!! I like how you handled the oddity of using hot-glue!