Introduction: Castle

Step 1: The Base

First find a big area to build. Then build the front and backside of the castle 21 blocks long. And then the two sides are 16 blocks.

Step 2: Fill in the Frame

Step 3: Making the Towers

Make the walls 3x3 and make the tower 8 blocks tall and make sure there is an entrance if you want. Repeat this for each corner

Step 4: Now Make the Top

To make the tower look better make and extension one block out (5x5) and do the ledges like how I showed.

Step 5:

Step 6: Build the Walls

Make the walls five high. Probably the easiest step.

Step 7: Now the Roof

You can do the roof how ever you like. I put glow stone so that you can see inside the castle.

Step 8: Decorate

Now make the inside look amazing!

Step 9: Finished

Now you have a castle! Please like and subscribe and I will continue to make minecraft instrucatbles.



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    i believe it works for xbox360 i have one so ya try it

    Does this work for Xbox 360 version too?

    it's not like there are any mods or anything. Just simple construction that does not even rely on bugs/gliches or redstone.

    of corse it works for x-box mine craft stays the same building methods if that makes sense to you

    like and subscribe? you mean favorite right? you talking youtube stuff

    Is'nt like and favourite the same thing?