Cat Bottle Opener





Introduction: Cat Bottle Opener

I made my dad a bottle opener for his birthday.  I had a large piece of thin aluminum lying around, so I sawed out a rectangle and then filed down the metal to the correct shape.  The lines were made using paperclips hammered into the aluminum, and the eyes were drilled gently.  The mouth is shaped so that bottle caps easily fit inside and the body provides a nice handle for applying pressure.  I also epoxied a small neodymium magnet to the back of it so that it serves as a fridge magnet!

You can see my original plan in the third picture.



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    Love! Definitely want some step-by-steps of your next projects!

    That's a neat build, quite skillfully drawn: it's simple enough to be made but you can sure tell what it is. Did you just guesstimate the shape of the mouth, or use another bottle opener as a guide?

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    Thanks! I went to a few websites selling them that had pictures with 'actual size' claims. I then averaged the size and made up a shape that seemed like it would work. A little of both, I guess!

    Nice! Looks like it does the job. Did you drill the mouth initially?


    How thick is the piece of metal?