Cat breading is the latest cat-centric meme sweeping teh internetz!  It involves putting a piece of bread on your cat's head, photographing their (often horrified) reaction, and then posting the pictures on the internet.  (It's kind of like planking, but for people who aren't athletic and like to annoy their cats.)  For those who are not familiar, a quick Google image search will lead you to pages and pages of photographs of breaded cats with expressions ranging from "ermahgerd there's a bread on mah head!""i is totally freakin out right now""dis is not cheezburger!!!!",  to "srsly dude, this is sooo embarrassing""wtf are you doing to me, man?",  and the vindictive "i is gonna pee on all yur clean underwear later...." 

I made this costume mostly so I could openly look at cat pictures at work all day without it being weird, but it turned out to be a really easy last minute costume that takes about an hour start to finish.   I went for the classic sliced bread look for my costume, though recently, cat-breading enthusiasts have been using many new forms of bready material to push the limits of this meme (see cat pita-breading, cat tortilla-ing, cat rice-caking, and cat waffling).

Here's how I made it...

Step 1: Materials


at least 1.5'x1.5' of 2" cushion foam (fabric store)
tan felt
sturdy cat ear fabric (I used fabric form a cheap witch's hat)
black eyeliner (for drawing on nose/whiskers)


hot glue gun
razor blade
<p>Very well done!</p>
<p>WHY SO CUTE! I love it! I'd never be able to make though, but still, great costume.</p>
Congratulations on your Autodesk contest win. This costume project is well-documented and adorable!
Oh this is so funny! I hope this is still going on next year because this is what I want to be. I KNOW if I had gone as this this year no one at the party I went to would have had any idea what it was about. I've known about inbread cats for about 4 months.
oh so cute :-)
I've heard of pigeons going though this but never kitties. LOL Pretty creative. :D <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EpdGd2-lsg" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EpdGd2-lsg</a>
that's hilarious!
It's not cat breading; it's an indication of an in-bread (inbred) cat!!
HA!! I love it very nice! I bet you got a lot of laughs wearing those!
I had not previously heard of the cat breading phenomenon, but now that I've gone down that internet hole, this costume is HILARIOUS. Plus, if you had a cat, you could totally go out in matching costumes.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D
the cat at my house is not amused
you have CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW! <br> <br>i love this!
you're awesome
Things like this are the reason I love isntructables. This is so creative!
YAY!!!!!!!! Awesomest costume!

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