Picture of Cat Castle
Build a two story cardboard box castle/hut for your cat! Everyone knows you don't need to buy them toys because they will play with just about anything! This thing doubles up as a play area and a place where your cat can sleep. As a bonus your cat will like being up high. I set myself a challenge for this project to use the least amount of sticky tape as possible.

Step 1: Materials and stuff

Picture of Materials and stuff
Craft knife
Sticky tape (Not much was actually needed)
Cardboard boxes (Same size helps)

You don't really need all of these items as it's not going to blow up if you make it a different way. You might as well experiment a bit!
So cute,I actually tried to make Elsa's castle with this and it looks amazing!
erin91811 months ago
that adorable
EmeryGP11 months ago
That is so cute.
catlily1 year ago
This is soo cool! Here's a photo of my cat. He wants to say thanks! He loves napping in it!
14 8:28 pm.jpg
meismeems2 years ago
This is awesome, I never thought of doing the rafters when I cut up boxes for my kitties, that's brilliant! Mine are huge felines and they destroy boxes quickly with their playing, so the supports will keep it intact for a bit longer. Thanks!!
TREX ZoaR0K2 years ago
I didn't make one of these but it inspired me to make a cardboard house for my cat
photo-2013-06-24 12:14 PM.jpg
Nate2302 years ago
This is an amazing makeshift cat tower and you are even able to add on unlike the $300 ones.
thing 26 years ago
That is very cool! nice!!! ;-) I wonder if like a guinea pig, lizard, puppy, ferret, weasel, or any other small animal would play in it! Can you give me any ideas of small pets that would play in it? I have two dogs so i don't think we'll get a cat :-( in some ways that's sad in others it's alright :-|
narex (author)  thing 26 years ago
you could get a rat and make this its cage.....you would have to make it more secure though. I think you should get a ferret they are really playful so they would like it and they could defend themselves aganist a dog too, like a cat. I think a ferret castle would be awesome!
Rumbo narex3 years ago
I tried SO HARD to convince my parents to let me get rats, but i couldn't convince them enough. :(
komecake narex5 years ago
  The only problem with making a box system this large and complex for rats is that you will have to get rid of it in a week or two because yours rat will pee all over it. Lol.
aseaheru narex5 years ago
my famlys dog LOVES our 5, was once norm. 7, when one had 4 kittens..... cats. our 3 girbles are ingnored by cats....... old f. cat + teddy bear + sorange cat = f. cat attacking 2 others and others fight each other.......
thing 2 narex6 years ago
I'm probably not going to be able to get a rat. I wish sorrtuv. I like the idea of a ferret! Well if you think of more get back to me... Thanks Narex....
thing 2 thing 26 years ago
Oh yeah....... how much does your cat plat in it?
thing 2 thing 26 years ago
I meant how much does your cat play in it?
Hedgehog... name it sonic... not the breakfast place. or Tiffany, that's a breakfast place too.
  I have pet rats and they LOVE boxes. They make great pets and are very smart so things like this are required to keep them entertained. 

 If you are thinking of getting a small pet I would recommend a rat. Keep in mind though that they are a lot of work and require a lot of attention compared to some small animals because of their intelligence. If you want a small pet that will respond and act like  puppy, get a rat or two... or three! :P
AznPanda5 years ago
Hey what kind of cat is this?
And awesome instructable i want to try to make this one day if i ever get a cat.
quesoman5 years ago
OK. I have only three things to say:
1. Your cat is extremely cute!
2. This is genius.
3. When I get a cat I already know that my cats castle will be near the foot of my bed and the balcony will lead out onto my bed.

Did I mention that this is genius?
grundisimo6 years ago
Awwwwwwww!!!! your cat is SOOOcute!!!!
i built one of these about 3 years ago and my cat loved it! Animals seem to love Fleece blankets so i gave her my fluffiest one and she spent almost all of her time in it! It was big enough to fit 4 cats streched out and 6 if they laid nice and neatly. My parents didnt like it though and after about a year i had to rid of it
thanks allot!! I'm building mine right now.... i might post pictures later.... you really make people want to make one... Gratz, its hard to do that. i only changed the design on three points, I'm adding a scratching post on the outside,I'm adding a hammock on the second floor(:D) and I'm putting piece of cloth for the door, to cover the opening. you don't care about that though, do ya? BEST INSTRUCTABLE EVER!
ve2vfd6 years ago
It's pretty cool! Now the big question... how does your kitten like it? :)
narex (author)  ve2vfd6 years ago
Yeah, if you put her in she'll sit in there for a bit but will come back later on and sleep in there which is pretty sweet! Some cats are just fussy eh?!
trypeewee6 years ago
NICE! I'll try it this weekend, if I can find the time. Did your cat liked it? Is it appropriate for him to sleep inside the castle?
narex (author)  trypeewee6 years ago
The cat likes it and it seems quite safe for her to sleep in.
marcward866 years ago
hahaha! this is wonderful. i'm glad you put so much work into a cardboard cat house.
lemonie6 years ago
I like the construction techniques, who needs glue eh? L
Awesome. I would make something like this but my cats are probably too big, and one of my cat already chews out of the cardboard carrier we use to take him to the vet.