We recently went to our local Blue Cross to meet some cats with the intention of adopting one.  Things proceeded rather quickly and we met Ozzy, agreed to adopt him and arranged to collect him the next day.  It's a long time since we've had a cat so a trip to the pet-shop ensued to get carrier, litter tray, food bowls etc.  However we couldn't find a suitable cat-house so the next morning found me hunting around the house, shed and loft looking for the raw materials to make one from scratch.
What I came up with from an old printer box and some spare carpet and underlay is a sturdy, well insulated and easily cleaned cat cave which should be an ideal den for Ozzy.  (The photos make it look like the lining is very thick.  It is actually only about 1/2" covering the inside of the box and there is plenty of room inside.)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The main structure of the cat house is an old printer box, cut and slotted to double the wall width and increase the strength.  The carpet and underlay were left-overs which had been in the loft for ten years or so and any 'gassing' will have finished.  New carpet and underlay will give off various chemical vapours for some time, so anyone making this with new materials should allow at least a couple of weeks in a well ventilated place for this to end.  Also, I'd rather not have used contact adhesive because of the vapour, but it was the best choice for attaching the carpet to the outside.
The best tool for cutting cardboard, carpet and underlay is a heavy duty utility knife (Stanley knife) with a sharp (new) blade.  I also used 'non-solvent' building adhesive for the underlay and duct tape for holding things together while this set.  Also, tools for measuring and marking  will be needed.
The underlay I used has a non-absorbent surface so will be easy to disinfect and wipe clean when required.  I was initially going to use hessian backed carpet but then found some foam backed which I thought would be easier to bend and glue.
<p>Really good idea, I should try this.</p>
j'ai ferm&eacute; un carton ( d'aspirateur) et mis dedans un vieu pull , mes adorent y dormir !! <br>je n'ai pas de moquette ,je vais coler dessus du papier venillia j'esp&egrave;re que mes chats voudront y aller apres ?? <br>merci pour l'id&eacute;e
What an adorable pretty orange cat! You have inspired me to create something for my cat!
Ingenious! I have a printer box that my cat adores. I could totally turn it into a Q Motel! =D Thanks for the inspiration!
Careful - If your cat likes it at the moment then doing anything to it may put her off it.<br> Cats are funny like that.
Lucky Ozzy! Great job on the cat cave, and he is a beautiful cat!
nice idea, thanks for sharing!

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