Step 2: Carpeting

Picture of Carpeting
Now it is time to cover the inside of the tube with carpet. The inside of the tube is hard to carpet, since it is hard to work inside of the small space in the tube. What we did, is first we measured to see how much carpet we would need to cover the inside, and cut it to size. Next, we put it inside to see if it would fit. Once we had a good fit, we put glue around the top and around the bottom of the tube. Next we rolled up the carpet, and stretched it out inside the tube, so that it was snug, next, in order to keep it in place while the glue dries, and to help tack it down even more, we used the staple gun, to put staples around the top and bottom, and all the way down the seam of the carpet. The staples will bury themselves deep into the carpet, and are pretty much invisible, so you can just leave them.

Now you are ready to cover the outside of the tube with paste. Lay out a big piece of carpet, enough to cover the tube. Now lay the tube on top of it, and make sure one of the edges of the carpet is straight. You can take the paint brush, and cover the entire tube with the flooring adhesive. Next, start rolling the carpet with the edge of the carpet lined up with the edge of the tube. Once you have the carpet rolled around the tube, put it somewhere to dry for a few hours, or even overnight for best results. Once the adhesive has dried, you can cut the extra carpet away from the tube. Once the tube is covered with carpet, it is time to attach the base.
chloebell14 years ago
What size tube did you use? The largest tube I have been able to find at the home improvement store is 12" diameter. I really think I need something larger, perhaps 16" diameter. I am unable to find anything larger locally. Please let me know. Thanks.
kylboy06 (author)  chloebell14 years ago
We used the 12" one, it seems small at first, and it may be too small for some cats, but it is actually bigger than it looks, and it was actually a really good size for the cat we had.
Where did you get your carpet?
kylboy06 (author)  superMacaroni5 years ago
We got it from a friend, that had it as let over scraps.  If you check at some local carpet stores, they are usually willing to give away scraps that they would be throwing away otherwise.