Step 4: More Carpeting

Now you can cut the carpet for the base and the top. To do this, you need to cut a piece of carpet that is about 1 inch bigger on each side, than the base and top. So if your base is 20 inches by 20 inches, the piece of carpet you cut should be 22 inches by 22 inches. This leaves enough carpet to cover the edges of the wood. You dont have to worry about leaving any extra inside of the hole, because the cardboard tube will fill it in. Once you have the carpet pieces cut, you will have to also cut another piece to cover the other side of the top piece of wood. For this, just trace the top piece of wood on the carpet, and cut it out. Once you have these pieces of carpet cut, you need to also trace the circle in the center of each, and cut them out.

Now you can cover the base and the top with the carpet. You can use the adhesive on these, but you do not have to. Staples will work just as well. Just line the pieces up and tack the edges on the inside and outside, with the staple gun. Next, pull the carpet over the edges of the wood, and tack the carpet to the edges of the wood with staples. Make sure to cut the corners out of the carpet, so you do not have extra on the corners. Now, attach the carpet to the other side of the top piece of wood. This should leave you with all sides covered on the top piece of wood, except for the edges inside the circular hole, and the carpet inside the tube should cover these. This should also leave you with just the top and outside edges of the base covered as well. Do not cover the bottom of the base, because it will sit on the floor.

You can also attach the top peice of wood to the top of the tube, using the same method we used for the base earlier.

You should now have what looks like a giant scratching post.
<p>Can you get the tubes in longer lengths? Is the carpet glued only at the top and bottom? Did you use any special type of carpet, is it lightweight?</p>
<p>I realize this is almost half a year old but for others who might be searching, you can get the tube at Home Depot or Lowes it's a 12&quot; in diameter cement footing mold, they are about 4' long.</p>
That cat condo is amazing! My kitty has three legs, (1 back &amp; 2 front) and I am going to make him a cat condo/tree. This will help me a lot in the design of his tree.
This looks far better than some of the stuff at the store! The pictures are very informative (and cute!)
What size tube did you use? The largest tube I have been able to find at the home improvement store is 12&quot; diameter. I really think I need something larger, perhaps 16&quot; diameter. I am unable to find anything larger locally. Please let me know. Thanks.
We used the 12&quot; one, it seems small at first, and it may be too small for some cats, but it is actually bigger than it looks, and it was actually a really good size for the cat we had.
Where did you get your carpet?<br />
We got it from a friend, that had it as let over scraps. &nbsp;If you check at some local carpet stores, they are usually willing to give away scraps that they would be throwing away otherwise.
Thanks!<br />
Excellent instructable.&nbsp; I was planning to make a condo for our 2 cats and you've inspired me with this approach.<br /> <br /> I have a couple of questions:<br /> <br /> - How big is your cat?&nbsp;&nbsp; Ours is about 10lbs, 12&quot; tall excluding the tail, and I think I should enlarge the shelves.<br /> <br /> - How thick is the plywood?&nbsp; It looks 3/4&quot; but I can't really tell.<br /> <br /> Thanks!<br />
&nbsp;The cat was not very big in these pictures, but she has gotten bigger since, and still seems to enjoy playing on the condo, she probably weighs about 6 or 7 pounds now, and about 12&quot; tall. &nbsp;The plywood is 1/2, but I would recommend 3/4, and the added support beams are an excellent idea too, otherwise you may find yourself reattaching shelves.
How cute - I love them when they are younge &amp; playful. <br /> <br /> Great instructable - think I 'll make a varsion of this for mine with larger shelves &amp;&nbsp;then put it near the window so they have a perch to look out (where our dog can't get at them).&nbsp; <br /> <br />
Aww! How cute! :3<br />
&nbsp;does he ever use the top coz im looking at making one for a friends cat
Yeah, she will climb on top and bat at the toys, and then drop down inside from the top.&nbsp; Mostly though, she is climbing inside from one opening to the next, and playing with the toys along the way.<br />
&nbsp;haha cool, could you please tell me how high your tube was it will make it so much easier for me too make :)
the tube is 4ft tall<br />
ill sell them!
Well done! I really want to make this since pre-made is so expensive. I can already see adding another one to the side with ladders and curved places for my teen kitty "Ninja" to play and curl up. She is so active that she is driving us crazy!
Very nice! Did you have any trouble with the adhesive being smelly? I remember when my dad last put down flooring adhesive, and I think my cat might reject it. Oh well, I'll just have to figure out a different method and post my own!
The adhesive was a little strong at first, but after it dried, it wasn't that bad, and after it set for a day or two, I couldn't really even notice it any more. We used Elmer's brand, maybe it has a weaker smell than other brands, or maybe it is just because it is a smaller area, not really sure.
I'll have to give it a shot on one of his smaller perches. Thanks!
kitty loves it. I was able to get carpet remnants at discount store for 5.00 dollars
I am glad I found this. My cats will be grateful to you.
Your cat condo is amazing. It looks just as good, if not better, than the ones sold in the store.
so what was the cost at the end? I often contemplate making one of my own, but is always hendered by the fact that all the materials are going to add up to the same as buying one from the store
The cost of the cardboard tube was about $8.00, and the carpet was donated, and we already had scraps of wood and materials like nails and staples, so the only other cost was the adhesive. The adhesive was about $5.00. We were looking at carpet prices, in case the donated carpet didn't work out, and it was $0.76 per square foot at Lowes. When we figured it up, it was going to be around $30 for carpet. So you are looking at around $50 total, and the cheapest ones of this size were at big lots for $120
that's still a good deal then. thanks for the info. Now only if my indecisiveness can allow me to settle on a design.
Nice condo! It looks like you kitty is really enjoying it too, well done.
Kudos, very nice!

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