Step 4: More Carpeting

Picture of More Carpeting
Now you can cut the carpet for the base and the top. To do this, you need to cut a piece of carpet that is about 1 inch bigger on each side, than the base and top. So if your base is 20 inches by 20 inches, the piece of carpet you cut should be 22 inches by 22 inches. This leaves enough carpet to cover the edges of the wood. You dont have to worry about leaving any extra inside of the hole, because the cardboard tube will fill it in. Once you have the carpet pieces cut, you will have to also cut another piece to cover the other side of the top piece of wood. For this, just trace the top piece of wood on the carpet, and cut it out. Once you have these pieces of carpet cut, you need to also trace the circle in the center of each, and cut them out.

Now you can cover the base and the top with the carpet. You can use the adhesive on these, but you do not have to. Staples will work just as well. Just line the pieces up and tack the edges on the inside and outside, with the staple gun. Next, pull the carpet over the edges of the wood, and tack the carpet to the edges of the wood with staples. Make sure to cut the corners out of the carpet, so you do not have extra on the corners. Now, attach the carpet to the other side of the top piece of wood. This should leave you with all sides covered on the top piece of wood, except for the edges inside the circular hole, and the carpet inside the tube should cover these. This should also leave you with just the top and outside edges of the base covered as well. Do not cover the bottom of the base, because it will sit on the floor.

You can also attach the top peice of wood to the top of the tube, using the same method we used for the base earlier.

You should now have what looks like a giant scratching post.