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Greetings from Portland, OR

I have build this cat enclosure so I can put the stinky litter box outside.

I have used reclaimed wood and hardware for this project. I only spent money on chicken wire, nails and screws. The roofing materials were also free.

it's 7' long, 4' deep and 6' high.
It has a door to access.

I used chicken wire on the front and sides. At the back, I re-used chain link fence found at the curb.

it took me about 3 weekends of moderate work to build it.

Thanks for watching.


Bekind2animals (author)2015-04-11

This is really nice!! Thanks for sharing!

gwylan (author)2013-08-23

You may want to put the cat box itself inside a box for those rainy days (if you haven't already). As it stands now, it looks like it might get soggy, which would make for an unhappy cat.

That being said, I bet your cat appreciates the outdoor space.

I have been thinking of the rainy days. not quite sure how I will winterize/waterproof the catio ?? more to come...

You could use window plastic covers and staple them around for winter months. Astroturf for the flooring may help. Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

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