Picture of Cat Friendly Interior Door
  You need a cat to always have access to a room, so the door should be left open,  but  the door should also be able to be closed if you want to.

   It was so easy, that I actually hesitated to make an Instructable.

Step 1: What you need and how to do it.

Picture of What you need and how to do it.
  2 nails
  1 rubber band.


 Fasten the two nails in the upper corner of the door post and connect a rubber band between them. The door will now always stay partly open.
harthoppy2 years ago
could you place one side of the rubber band on the inside of the door therefore making it so the door wont open yet also will semi close itself?
katerlyn4 years ago
Thank you. Sometimes it's the little things that count. Hugs from your cat(s). smile
punx7774 years ago
Actually brilliant, where the hell are my nails and hammers and rubberbands?