My kitten needed a place to hang out - somewhere up high - that wasn't on my furniture! I looked through a bunch of homemade cat hammocks tutorials and combined bits and pieces of them to make my own.

I'm sorry I didn't think to take pictures of it as I was making it!

What you will need:
1 Wire Hanger
1 Pillow Case
 Needle And Thread
 Hole Punch

1. Take the wire hanger and cut it in half - each half should be about the same size as the short end of the pillow case

2. Sew up the ends of the pillow case - on the closed end you just have to do it once - trap the wire in the end of the pillow - on the open end sew it shut and then sew it again to trap the wire there


Not sure if this little picture makes sense - the straight lines are where you would sew and the brackets ( [ & ] ) represent the hanger...the ---- just represent space in the pillow case

3. Then punch holes in each corner and put the string through it! (I used a couple pairs of shoelaces I had laying around)
It's Finished! Just needs to be hung up!
<p>KeKe says &quot;Mew to You&quot; or Thank you in cat talk as this design you have created for your feline friend seems to be the one which will fit KeKe best as he is a long muscly cat formerly feral who is learning all kinds of things in a warm safe place. He is very smart too. We will try it, thank you again and Happy Holidays. </p>
OMG YOUR CAT LOOKS JUST LIKE MINE!!!<br>Does he have 4 white socks?
He looks like he loves this! Thanks for sharing.

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