Picture of Cat Hammock
Everybody loves hammocks. Especially cats. This one happens to be one that suspends over a heat radiator, but it could be mounted to a wall or free standing.

Step 1: Parts list

Picture of parts list
Similar to my other instructable on making a window cat lounge, this uses scrap sticks. I define "sticks" as any slender piece of wood, minimum 1/4" thick x 1/2" wide.

So, an approximate (because it depends on the size you want and what you can find) parts list:

2 pieces approximately 12"
2 pieces approximately 14"
2 pieces approximately 20
3 pieces approximately 18"
assorted little pieces
a piece of cloth approximately 18" x 28", preferably stretchy
hehehe, great idea my lucas loves spaces like this

ps-adorable kitty!
MicioGatta4 years ago
Standing ovation! >^____^<
techturtle25 years ago
THat is gunna catch fire sitting on that radiator.
That's a hot water radiator, so it's running about 75 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Which means if it wouldn't catch fire sitting by itself in the shade on a hot summer day, it's not going to catch fire here.

Now, electric heaters are a whole different ball of wax, but this mounting system wouldn't work for them anyway.

marassaya5 years ago
i would use snaps or even grommets and tie it on. this way if it gets soiled you can easily remove it and wash. i love this post and plan to make one of my own soon. i'll try to get pics when i can.
marassaya5 years ago
i would use snaps or even grommets and tie it on. this way if it gets soiled you can easily remove it and wash. i love this post and plan to make one of my own soon. i'll try to get pics when i can.
=( my glue isnt strong enough,
my cat fell on my head while i was sleeping (along with some wood and fabric)
i used some no name carpentry glue
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's really funny. Is the cat (and your head) ok?
Yes The cat is fine, and my head is the cat is fine the head
Are you sure you are ok? your sentence is a bit jumbled lol. jk, it happens to all of us
Use liquid nails next time...
 i am curently building another variation, thanks foor inspring my idea, ill post pictures wen im done, if it goes well :)
missmix6 years ago
Is there any fire hazard? If not, I can't wait to give my kitty this treat!
snuzzle missmix5 years ago
Personally I wouldn't have any flammable item (ie, wood) in contact with my heater for any extended period of time, but that's just me. One that mounts on the wall above the heater, kind of like a kitty shelf, would be cute though :)
Carmelite5 years ago
 Great idea!
Unfortunately, my cat doesn't like sleeping on soft surfaces ($20 cat bed, blankets, etc.)

bowmaster6 years ago
I am going to make this along with some stairs to get to it.
ReCreate6 years ago
thats one happy and relaxed cat
hey i could make one i don't have that heat thingy but i have my crt monitor(really heats up there) my cat usually likes sleeping directly on top of it but i have so many stuff i don't want it to
AznPanda7 years ago
Lols my friend loves cats so im gonna show him this
purplekitty7 years ago
So cute!
Making one right now actually. Inspired by this instructable. I had to modify it quite a bit though. I live in an area that does not have a forest (believe it or not..) so wood = $$$$$. So I used a box spring's wood to build one. I need to add the hammock part though. I'll post a picture as soon as it's done! Thanks for an awesome idea.
coffekid7 years ago
this is grrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!!!! i love hammocks
freaking cat sleeps better than me lol
Agreed. I sleep on the carpet with a duvet >.> Great instructable. Kudos!
Prometheus7 years ago
First pic in this project I would submit to Lolcats...."I is haxxing ur radiator!"
yoshhash (author)  Prometheus7 years ago
yes, go ahead...no probs.
Kait9997 years ago
Cat people rejoice!
darkmuskrat7 years ago
Damn, I want a hammock :(
bowser.7 years ago
This instructable was worth it just to see the cuteness of your kitty in a hammock
RFilyaw7 years ago
Borrow someone's ferret and get a picture of them in it, too. Ferrets almost require nice hammocks like this. Great instructable.
bezoard7 years ago
Great idea! Over the heat radiator! :)
Rob K bezoard7 years ago
Ya, Cat just likes the warmth fom the radiator.
pingeee7 years ago
Yeah, cats looked very happy
rimar20007 years ago
Very nice.
gmjhowe7 years ago
brilliant! i CaN hAz haMucK n0w?