Step 2: The cats

These are 2 of our cats that adopted us a little over a year ago, Squeaker and Smokey. We do know they are brother and sister and they love each other very much. We made a house for each of them but they won’t use their own, they always sleep together.

They were very neglected and abused by their owners, and then abandoned. When the two of them were abandoned they were both in bad shape, and neither one had been spayed or neutered.

Smokey, he had mats on both his sides so bad that when they were shedding off, his skin was pealing off with them and leaving open wounds that looked like burns. I cut off the mats the best I could, cleaned and medicated his wounds. It took about 3 weeks for him to heal and start growing his hair back.

Squeaker, she was pregnant and close to delivery. I thought she would go some where and hide to have her babies. But I was wrong, on Mothers Day when I came out on my porch I found Squeaker in one of the houses crying and in full labor. She had chosen one of the cat houses to be her nesting box, and that is where she / we raised her litter of 3, two girls and a boy.

When her babies were old enough we got them good homes and had Squeaker and Smokey spayed and neutered. After all this I was worried they might not be close. I was wrong again, they are back to sharing a house and just as close as ever.

This cat house is easy to make and can be built in just a few hours. It is easy to clean and will last for years.
cats can form long term relation ships with each other to the piont , if 1 dies before the other. the other cat sometimes will die on its own shortly after. yes cats can get moody out of sorts. i dont know the exact terms 4 it tho.
Music man4 years ago
you are a god for saving the cats
jgodsey6 years ago
commendable that you rescued them. But why not just take them inside all the time, or at least when it is cold out. It is not like they are true ferals. and why the rope light? they don't need it.