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Introduction: Cat Mansion

My cat Tata just got 5 kittens and I thought it would be a good idea to build a cat house, or rather a mansion, for them.

As you can see in the picture, she and her friend helped me with the design.

What you need:

- plywood sheet about 7mm thick
- an electric jigsaw
- nails and glue
- clamps
- wood for the legs (5x5cm)
- wood for the roof beam (4cm x 75cm ; 2cm thick)
- 1 hinge for the side door

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    Amazing!You are very kind to build the kittens a house

    thanks! I really like that camera :-))

    Amazing ,and the kitty is very cute!looks like my himalayan cat (the first pic)

    1 reply

    aw reminds me of my liltle kitten going to make her one of these to share with my cats

    This is great! Very cute.

    Love the prowling cat detail on the ridgepole!
    And the picture of "helper" cat "helping" with the pencil and paper. My helper cats are one reason all of my instructable-worthy projects are only half-way written. =^..^=

    1 reply

    Thanks for noticing! :-)

    Vote for me! haha

    Love it! The only change I would make for my kitties is adding carpet to the slanted roof - they would go nuts scratching (even the ones without claws ;-) )

    Awesome looking cat house, your cute kitties really seem to be enjoying it. You have quite a few photos of your project would you consider doing a full step by step instructable?

    1 reply

    Glad you like it!
    When I have some time I will take the measurements again to be sure, and then I'll post a full step-by-step instructable.