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"Cat & Mouse Play Toy" is a toy specially designed for cats. It has several components that make play time for cats exciting and rewarding. The "toy box" sits on the ground and has a motorized mouse inside, ready to run. In order for the cat to release the motorized mouse it must first play with a hanging toy with a photo resistor behind it. Once it plays with this toy the mouse is released. If the cat can catch this mouse while it runs around the room and dodges obstacles, it will make a buzzing noise and the toy box spins to reveal cat food for the cat. There are several thing you will need to make this toy.

Required supplies:
1. PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder from Petsmart
2. SmartyKat Motion Madness Motorized Cat Toy found at Target
3. One miscellaneous toy that can dangle
4. Arduino
5. Photo Resistor
6. Electret Microphone complete with Breakout Board
7. Conductive Fabric
8. Soldering Iron
9. Solder
10. Wire
11. Wire Cutters
12. Electrical tape
13. Saw
14. Duck-tape
15. Screwdriver
16. 4 D batteries
17. 2 small 3V batteries
18. 5K resistor
19. Super Glue
20. Something to hide those loose wires in
21. Treats for the kitty
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blorgggg1 year ago
Great instructable! Nice explanations of your process, design, and ideas for future improvements!