With the help of some old planks, pieces of old carpet and 20 meters rope and a little imagination, anyone can make a great playground for his cat :)

Step 1:

With a few nails and some old planks nailed to the skeleton of our playground...

The pieces of carpet was cut out a simple model knife.

With staplers are fixed on pieces as you need to be careful in the corners.

Step 2: Cat Playground for Free :)

Using old s carpet parts and tacker be covered all sides of the wooden structure ... The place provided for sharpening nails clad with hemp rope 12mm thin

Step 3:

Finally, you get happy and relaxed cat and a very good mood :)

<p>Do you have instructions on how to actually build this? Step by step? Thank you!</p>
<p>The steps are the fruit of my imagination completely and it does not describe them in detail ...</p><p>Here are the basic steps:</p><p>1. The boards are screwed to view one another in any form.</p><p>2. The pieces of carpet cut out a simple model knife.</p><p>3. tackers are nailed pieces as you need to be careful in the corners.</p><p>4. The rope laws also tackers, and underneath put two strips of double gluing tape (TESA)</p><p>5. I added an artificial mouse tied with cord and that's all ... :)</p>
<p>My cats would love this. If I spent money on something, they would hate it.</p>

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