So if you are looking for a way to gross people out on Friday the 13th or on Halloween, here ya go.  Cat Poop Fudge.

Also, check out Jessyratfink'sCat Hair Cake.

With this combo of treats, you are sure to be the hit of any party.

Step 1: Items Needed

Items you will need

1. Ingredients for making your favorite fudge candy.  There are so many ways to make fudge and there are so many recipes online, I'm not going to cover it here.  I used the recipe that came on the jar of Fluff.  I was lucky here.  The only thing I had to buy was the condensed milk.  But if you have to buy everything, it can should be under $10.

2. A NEW litter box and litter scoop.  <--Note I emphasized *NEW*, as in never before been used. $3

3. Simulated litter.  There are many cereals you can use.  Grape Nuts work great, but are pretty expensive for something like this.  If you really want to have fun, use a real cat litter called "Swheat Scoop".  It is real wheat pulled off the same lines that go into making animal feed.  It's safe for people to eat.  I've actually met reps from there company and watched them eat it right out of the bag.  The crispy rice I used was $5.

4. A poop making tool.  I used a product called the "Jerky Master".  It comes with different tips used for making meat sticks.(www.himtnjerky.com).  I already had this because I make beef jerky.  It cost about $40.  There may be cheaper products. You can probably use a cake icing bag and round icing tip.  Use whatever you can to make the fudge into little round piles.

<p>I did something like that some time back -- the base was a white cake died with green food coloring, broken into small crumbles to resemble sand, and the &quot;droppings&quot; were mini Tootsie Rolls that I warmed in the microwave and formed into realistic shapes ... then after &quot;presenting it&quot; to the group, proceeded to pick up a &quot;dropping&quot; and eating it ... really grossed them out!!</p>
<p>Green sand?</p>
<p>Goss </p>
Ha ha so gross
Mmm mmm gross.
<p>this looks yummy </p>
<p>It was looked the similiar way, but your instructions are way better</p>
<p>I made this a a litter box cake 15 years ago</p><p>the kids loved the cake</p>
Yummy!!!!!!! I love strange food-even poop! A great gift for my Mother's birthday.....
Lol I tried and no one would eat ti
oh my... my mom said it looked lovely.
OK... The coconut &amp; worms just about made me sick --sounds wonderfully gross!! ;)
seriously I'm not gonna eat that :-O
A poop making tool is a great name for an item
LOL eawwww that is just too nasty to look at but I'm sure its pretty tasty. Reminds me too much of the lovely presents I find in my kitty's litter box. <br> <br>None the less this is a great and probably tasty prank and it does the job. <br> <br>But to confess, I did something similar as well. I made a fake cat turd out of some fudge and placed it in the corner of our basement. Then I waited for some one to discover it and freak out. I then came down, picked it up and pretended to take a bite. I enjoyed the reaction and I was surprised it would actually work since there was no realistic smell. LOL
Oh my god, that is almost too close to the real thing! <br> <br>Totally awesome, thanks for sharing!
I'd love to see what a group of 9th graders think of this.
If you're talking about 9th grade guys, I don't think you'll get to hear what they think of it... It'll be all eaten before you get there!
I always thought it would be cool to do something like this but your version is so realistic it kind of makes me want to vomit. I mean that as a compliment. Really nice work and super realistic.
Very cool! You should make the bottom cake or brownie or something.
I'm speechless! This is just astounding! I have never before wanted to eat cat poop so much!
Yeah, some poeple say that, but others can't even look at it. Maybe the dogs are on to something after all. :-)
Yay! You did it! <br /> <br />Looking even more disgusting than I ever imagined. Wonderful. :D
Yeah, I decided that this would be good for a Friday the 13th treat at work.

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