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Use the screws to mount it to something solid, and high enough to remove the lid. The edge of his play tower worked out well. If you need to I’m sure you could mount it to the wall with a block of wood.

Training was pretty easy. Show your cat that food will fall each time the ball is pushed or pulled down. With Apollo, it took one time. One problem I did find is he will pull the clip off the top dropping the ball, but only when he runs out of food.
ILTK.10 months ago

Nice one!

I'm on a quest to have my 3 fatasses forage feed all their dry that they get in the daytime so they don't just sit in front of a food bowl and scarf it down.

I have a whole bunch of foraging/brain puzzle center type things but they can't hold much food each, so a larger version of this or maybe 2 will be perfect.

tangol3 years ago
wow..this look nice and easy also cheap.. i would like to try it.. hope my cat understand how to get the food.. ^_^
ushuaia4 years ago
This looks easy. I'll try it sometime. And btw, you have a really cute cat ^__^
biker_trash_1340 (author)  ushuaia4 years ago
Thank You, he's a lot of fun.
Fanny Fink5 years ago
Looked brillant to me! Will try asap. thaks for your kind instructions... Greetings to Apollo :)
biker_trash_1340 (author)  Fanny Fink5 years ago
Thank You, Mines still working good. Apollo is getting to the point were he can drop the food right in his mouth, with very little falling on the floor.
 Very very cool instructable! Thanks!

One of the things I love most about it is that this style of feeding simulates the hunting process. 

The cat has to do something...

A piece of food falls down...

And the cat has to 'hunt' it.

How cool is that? Combining domesticity with the atavistic urge.

I'm going to be making one of these for our two cats. Spigot needs the exercise. And Magic is getting old, so the hunting instinct will sharpen him up. Awesome! Thanks!

Blue skies
Thanks for the new word! I will try to use "atavistic" today! I totally agree with encouraging the hunting instinct in domestic cats. One of the reasons why about 90% of cats are overweight is due to overfeeding. Using this feeder will appeal to their atavistic (see!) needs, and they will hopefully only eat until they are satisfied. Plus, the food will stay fresher longer than if it were just sitting out in an open bowl all day.
four321zero5 years ago
i dont get it. Apart from gravity how does the cut green bottle stay down? Wont it get dislodged when the golf balls keeps hitting it?
ubersquirel5 years ago
 This will be great to keep my cat entertained!
My cat, Marvin, is going to love this!( He is a tuxedo cat too),  he loves balls and he loves to eat, so he will figure this out in no-time. Thank you so much, this is wonderful, and I won't be accidently kicking the food bowl anymore, and Marvin wont go sliding into it when he runs into the kitchen to fetch his jingle ball! (Howza bout his water though...wait, he drinks out of the sinks and bathtub and toilet anyway.)
BOOJAN5 years ago
you have really nice "user" of your feeder :D

btw great instructable

Excellent with very clear instructions.

amyers575 years ago
Why didn't you just use the soda bottle by its self?
kyzla5 years ago
my cats will LOVE this... and it will prevent them from over eating.

now, i wonder if it will work for my husband?   :)
Salignac5 years ago
Every life should have seven cats - a nice project!
zanne1015 years ago
This is great - my 2 cats wake me up in the middle of the night. Maybe now I can get a full night's sleep.

I only have one question.  Doesn't the rubber band break afterawhile?  I wonder if there is anything that could be used as a substitute.

Your cat is beautiful.
biker_trash_1340 (author)  zanne1015 years ago
He did chew through one, that's why i put the wire leader on the band. Ihaven't had one break yet...but there $0.49 a bag.  You could try asmall bungee cord,  remove the bottom hook and tie a knot at the ball.
 I wasn't worried about replacing the rubber band ($.49/bag) - Iwas just thinking about what would happen if it broke, food all over thefloor.  I also don't want my stupid cat (one of mine is a littledopey) to swallow a broken rubber band if it came apart.
Thanks :-}
biker_trash_1340 (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for all the nice Comments. Apollo is my buddy, a pet rescue cat.I feed him 2 times a day in the bowl. The feeder is used with a smallamount of food before i go to bed. This can get me about 7 hours ofsleep, before it's play / feeding time again.
robotski5 years ago
This is great, I would want one if only I had cats. 
I guess this could be made with just a small plastic bottle and alid, rather than cutting up two plastic containers?
TexelGirl5 years ago
THANK YOU!  I'm going to build this over the weekend. Maybe now I'll be able to sleep without a fat, hungry cat waking up ahundred times a night.  A few bits of food in it should keep himhappy until feeding time.
ddinick5 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing this -- I can't wait to make one (orthree).  My three cats aren't likely to be as quick to figure itout as Apollo (what a smart, handsome cat) but once they do they'lllove it.
amandalud105 years ago
the last picture of your cat is an LOLZ cat waiting to happen. don't know what an LOLZ cat is. LOOK IT UP!
they're funny
hishealer5 years ago
Great pic of the cat expression there!  A caption idea, "Wow, I had no idea humans could do something smart!"
treinengek5 years ago
really nice man and you can use it for many purposes