This is a PIR motion sensor device that works with the arduino uno. In order to make it covert enough to be placed in multiple settings and portable enough to fit most places, I decided to make the case for it appear as a speaker. 

The inspiration for this project:

My cat is a jerk. One of his favorite things to do is to alarm me that he is hungry every morning at 4am by sitting on my dresser and knocking random things over until I wake up. Unfortunately, my dresser is also parallel to my craft table, so he has turned my dresser into a work of art by walking across my oil paintings and jumping up there (and also throughout the rest of the house). I could lock him out of my room, but then he cries outside the door all night, so I've been trying to come up with a solution to this problem.

After looking through Instructables and finding out what is possible with the arduino, I decided to make a motion sensing device for my dresser that will play cat repelling noises until Mr. Moe is trained out of his annoying behavior.

Step 1: Materials You Will Need:

The Motion Sensor:
Arduino Uno
9V battery9
V battery clip
2.1mm power plug
Various lengths of wire
PIR motion sensor
Piezo buzzer alarm (9V or lower)
Heat Shrink Tubing
USB cable (to arduino)

Tools for Motion Sensor:
Soldering Iron
Wire clippers

The Speaker Case:
Phillips Panhead screws - 1/4" (2)
Phillips Panhead screws - 1/2" (4)
Hot Glue
Interior Construction Adhesive
Black Pantyhose
Black paint (flat)

Tools for Speaker Case:
Power saw
Dremel Tool
Drill (with various bits)

<p>Is there anyone out there who has an idea of making code for aduino uno? I'm having a hard time doing my project. I have no idea of what code to use. My project is about a gh-718c mini PIR motion sensor detecting my arm or hand. If the motion sensor detects that my hand is low, the light or LED will dim, and if it detects my hand on a high position, the LED will bright up. Please please. Help please. Thanks for the reply!</p>
<p>Nice project I built one using a cat litter bucket as the container. Mine uses a relay to activate an LED light and a windshield washer motor to squirt some water. The water is stored in a separate bucket and discharged through a 180 sprayer used for sprinkler systems.</p>
I have a jerk cat, too. I have made a similar device to yours, except with a vacuum cleaner instead of a speaker. This keeps him in the downstairs. <br> <br>http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b103/klee27x/SAM_0394_zps32ab6137.jpg <br> <br>http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b103/klee27x/SAM_0396_zps80c76523.jpg <br> <br>http://s18.photobucket.com/user/klee27x/media/SAM_0393_zpseb193eec.mp4.html
Is it possible to have it emit a frequency that only cats can hear, so as not to disturb sleeping humans? Not a frequency that harms, but one that annoys/repels. I wager the buzzer going off at 4 AM gets annoying fast.
Poor kitty. Also you could have used a cheaper way for telling kitty that territory is out of bounds. Just use a balloon and two sided tape and stick it on the offending wall or table. The pop and stickiness alone should let him or her know. Worked with my kitty and to this day he as in my kitty, is a little fluff ball of a gentleman. Just have to know how to speak his language. ;) Also you should and every one else should play more with their kitties. It also makes them loving and content kitties. Keeps them from being trouble makers in the first place. Busy paws need something to do after all.
Very nice. I have also used a piece of packing tape set down sticky side up. Very entertaining :)
high five!
Nice! Your cat is not only a jerk, he is a wimp if that buzzer scares him off! You might need a vibrating motor or a motor with a stick on it, just like I put in the cherry tree one fall to keep the birds away. Kept the neighbor's cat away, too! The design on my books will use an air cannon to give the cat one good puff of compressed air. Kitty no likey pfffft! <br>I like the PIR... need try this.

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