You will need:
- 3 buckets
- Rope or string
- A cute bow

Put the 3 buckets together by tying them with rope. Then, tie the bow at the top.

Let your pets rest (:

CD/UFPR - Janaina Contin

<p>Good, easy and quick to make. Cats love that stuff.<br>Can further 'enhance' it by adding two or three holes interconnecting the buckets, large enough for the cat to pass through. <br>Add and glue some wood wedges in between to give it a firm surface, and wrap the whole thing with a couple feet of carpet, that'd make it firm to double as a scratcher, and give it some weight to stay in place when the cat uses it.</p>
<p>Cute nest with a cute cat in it :)</p>
<p>That is so cool! I wonder if I could make it bigger (to fit all our kitties!). I would need 6 buckets..... :)</p>
<p>Looks like your cat likes it!</p>

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