I had plenty of cardboard lying around, access to a laser cutter, and a new kitten - it was the perfect storm for my next project, a Cat Scratcher Tower. I made this at TechShop!

List of materials required is quite simple.
  1. Cardboard - I used about 5 sheets of 24x18 (the size of the laser cutter bed), and I made two cat scratchers - I could definitely use some more cardboard. It is best to use the thicker variety of cardboard (like TV boxes), as the cross section is more substantial - you will need fewer of these to stack up, and the cross sections look nice too!
  2. Wooden dowels - 2x 4ft dowels - you can get these at your hardware store - I got mine from Home Depot
  3. Some scrap wood for the base and to act as a ballast - I found mine at the scrap bin at TechShop
  4. Wood screws - 6 per Cat Scratcher - I used a total of 12 (plus a few more whose heads I ended up stripping! :-( )
  5. Felt pads - to stick on the bottom to protect your floor
  1. Laser cutter
  2. Drill/drill press
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Clamps
PS - I forgot to introduce my model - Lokelani, aka Loke is our new kitten that we rescued from Kauai when she was about 6 weeks old. She's now about 3 months old and is a rambunctious bundle of energy, and incredibly cute! It has passed the Loke test - didn't tip over when she decided to climb it. Thanks Loke!

Step 1: Laser cut your cardboard

My outline was simple - a 4 inch round, with two 3/4 inch holes for the dowels.* You can go crazy with the shapes if you want! That's the beauty of the laser cutter. Cutting cardboard is a snap!!

I used the settings of 30/90/500 (speed/power/frequency) - it worked really well, scoring the cardboard just enough so that it was cut all the way through, but not burning/scorching it.

* Lesson learned about the 3/4 inch holes - Since I wanted to slide them through the dowels, I should have made them slightly larger than 3/4 inches - the fit was quite tight, but doable. But don't make it too much bigger, otherwise the cardboard is going to shift around.

<p>Any tips on how to remove the smell of burning from the cardboard or wood after laser cutting? I recently made a simpler cat scratcher on a laser cutter but it reeks so my wife made me take it out of the house. I could turn down the power but its only barely getting through as it is. Should I do low power but multi pass?</p>
Your kitten is so adorable. I however do not have access to a laser cutter which is really a bummer but if I get one this is going to be the first thing I make
Nice, very, very professional looking, I'm impressed! <br>I'm disappointed that my non-laser 'struable isn't in the &quot;Related&quot; :-( <br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Ikea-Hack-Cat-Tower/ <br> <br>In retrospect I should have put the carpet tower in a separate 'struable. <br> <br>Ron
Thanks Ron! <br> <br>I really like your instructable too! Very nicely done! Btw, I think the reason yours doesn't show up in the &quot;Related&quot; section is the tags - our tags are different, and mine doesn't show up in the &quot;Related&quot; section of your instructable either! :-) Mystery solved! <br> <br>Cheers, <br>Sridhar
Your kittens will love you yet more if you spray some valerian extract on it - ours are getting crazy after each valerian shower ;)
Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to check out valerian extract!
Love the third photo! What a cute little lady. :D
Thanks! Your cat looks very cute too! :-)

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