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I have a large desk that I share with my husband. There is technically room for our 15 pound fuzzy lap tumor, but he tends to try to lay on top of the keyboards. I decided to make a smaller table that would let him sit in front of the window, and still be near us without being on the desk.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:

One large and pushy cat
A small table
A camp mattress foam roll, or the like
Scrap material
A staplegun

I happen to have a zillion of these tray tables from a Big Lots sale find that we were using during game day. The camp mattress foam was a left over from when I was using it in layers with contact cement and kites bar to make larping swords years ago. The material was a left over scrap that was originally a curtain, that got partially used to cover a swag lamp, and partially used to fill in the screen in the background.

Step 2: Foam and Fabric

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Lay your table upside down on the camp foam, and trace around it. Then cut it to size. My cat hates overly stuffed furniture, so that's why camp foam was perfect. Any softer style of foam, and he would have hated it.

Then use the foam to make sure your scrap fabric is big enough to wrap around the edges of the foam + the table top, so it can be stapled on the underside.

You will have to try to find ways to distract the your cat, so he doesn't try to help. I found mine could only be distracted by tossing treats to the other side of the room.

Step 3: Assembly

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Now that you have your three pieces, you want to lay your fabric, wrong side up, on the floor (or table you are working at), then lay your foam on top of that, then your table.

Step 4: Stapling

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Then staple the fabric to the back side of the little table. I stapled it the same way I would an artist's canvas. I stapled one side, then across to the other. Top, bottom, then side to side. I kept doing this until the entire sides were stapled. Keep thte fabric taut as best as you can so it stretches smoothly over the foam and the table. Stop short of the corners.

Once stapled, except for the corners, trim the fabric down a bit.

Step 5: Corners

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I am sure there is a more elegant way to do this, but I found it easy to just twist up the corners, and staple them down.

Step 6: Done

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Then set your new cat table next to your computer desk. (Mine is a ReStore door, on saw horses.) The cat loved it, and now spends most of his time there.


AgentDanny (author)2006-12-08

anyone figure out a way to get them to stop chasing the mouse cursor? maybey make it look like a dog?

HeresyOfTruth (author)AgentDanny2006-12-08

Luckily, for me, my cat is unaware of on screen movement.

Lucky. My girl deliberately uses the keyboard and touchpad (laptop). I thought she was just trying to get attention by getting in my way but then I noticed that she was actually being very selective in what she hit. Spacebar rapidly scrolls webpages. Touchpad makes cursor flit around. F-keys make things appear/disappear, ect. Brat.

AgentDanny (author)HeresyOfTruth2006-12-09

heh. mine flips out and starts ramming his head into the screen trying to bite it.

highonlove (author)AgentDanny2007-01-09

i had that same problem until i hit my cat with the mouse and now its afraid of the computer

copycat-42 (author)AgentDanny2007-11-23

mine chases the little pointy finger on the wii.

miked2001 (author)2008-07-01

Just remember one simple fact... Humans did not adopt cats, they adopted us :-) Cats do what they want when they want, once you accept that fact you get along just great.

winterwindarts (author)miked20012011-07-30

Well...they are officially known as the only animal the domesticate *themselves*.

You should see how well trained mine have my husband who used to hate cats. I came already pretrained but I'm also immune to a lot of their most common ploys as a result. If they want something specific done right the first time they come to me, if they want a sucker, they go to him. It works out pretty well most of the time and they are pretty spoiled.

Grey_Wolfe (author)miked20012008-08-19

Adopted, enslaved, whatever. lol

HeresyOfTruth (author)miked20012008-07-02

Ha ha! I think my cat put down ownership papers on me years ago. :)

RoBear613 (author)2009-05-17

"Lap tumor" I like that, very accurate.

Picothellama (author)2009-04-26

where'd you get the camp foam?

Cabe (author)2008-11-30

from a fridge magnet - "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff" Ours delights in moving into any seat just vacated, even if already in a seat! Best guess is he is going for the warmth.

HeresyOfTruth (author)Cabe2008-12-01

Ha ha! That is so true! Mine is exactly the same way.

gamer (author)2007-04-20

hehe, in the 4th picture its got red eyes, lol. too bad i dont have a cat, 'cause i wanna build 1. really nice progect

HeresyOfTruth (author)gamer2007-04-20

Thank you! I have my suspicions that my cat is actually an alien in disguise.

gamer (author)HeresyOfTruth2007-04-22

don't suspect, im sure its an alien. by the way, my friend has the same exact cat, but this one is more like a 40 pound fuzzy lap tumor, lol

Grey_Wolfe (author)gamer2008-08-19

Got to be an alien if the same exact cat is in two places at once. Time space distortion must have resulted in the weight difference between the duplicates.

BranchMonster (author)2008-01-09

So the cat actually uses this? Your cats sits where you want it to? I think you need to make an instructable on how to get your cat to use the furniture you provide for it instead of yours. Whenever I give my cats "their own" furniture, they just think that means "more" furniture for them.

Actually, he sat on my keyboard, by the desk he's rubbing on, but was so big he kept falling off. I put the table right where he wanted to sit, in front of the window, and close enough to mess with my keyboard. His mind powers are strong, and I but follow his direction. . . evil cat.

foobear (author)2006-10-17

I had to buy an extra chair for my cat. As long as she's sitting by me in the chair, it's cool. Oh and her chair has to be up higher than mine or else she prefers the lap. sigh.

HeresyOfTruth (author)foobear2006-10-19

I am glad I am not the only one with a cat that requires some catering to!

Fake_Name (author)2006-10-17

The "15 pound lap tumor" quote has to be the funniest thing i've heard all day. I'm suprised the cat doesn't lie on the keyboard anyways.

HeresyOfTruth (author)Fake_Name2006-10-19

Glad to be amusing. He certainly tries to sit on my keyboard, but I guess the incidents of keyboard invasion are down by about 50% because he spends the rest of the time on the table.

Phesarnion (author)2006-10-16

My cat loves you, evil little git that it is...

HeresyOfTruth (author)Phesarnion2006-10-16

Yes, but all cats are fickle!

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