I saw one of these at the local Humane Society shelter. Took a photo and this is what I have come up with. I have never seen these at a store, and for the cost to build, who wouldn't want to save $$$! Planning on getting some made and sell different versions at garage/yard sale, see how that goes.

With the model I am going to show being built, you will need the following items: (sizes will be shown in US measurements)

" = in; ' = ft


  • Approx. 2 to 3 pieces of 1" pipe (commonly comes in 10' pieces)
  • 1" PVC T's = 16
  • 1" PVC Elbows = 12
  • Approx. 2yrds of scrap material/remnants
  • Shower curtain rings = 8
  • 1/4" or 3/8" dowel rods = approx. 2'
  • 1" strapping material = approx 2-3' (purchase from fabric store or use from old backpack/duffel bag)
  • 1" x 12" pine or sheet of thin plywood for shelf (the size of the shelf will again depend on what size you make the frame in general. I would suggest wrapping the wood material with some kind of soft fabric, as your cat will enjoy lazying around on this perch.


  • Hacksaw or other tool to cut pipe
  • Sandpaper (to smooth edges of pipe and I like to go down the sides and sand off printed markings)
  • Sewing machine and/or thread/needle
  • Drill w/ drill bits to drill holes for dowel rods
  • If you prefer to make this a permanent structure, PVC Pipe Glue
  • Screws (to attach wood shelf), and to hang toy from bottom of shelf

And Finally:

  • A cat toy on a string of your choice!
  • A cat or two to enjoy it!

Step 1: Cutting Pipe to Length

Cut the following lengths out of the pipe, label and lay aside.
10 - 2" pieces to go between every elbow and T.

Lengths of pipe:
A -  20" ea
B - 18" ea
C - This is really to your judgement. Your cat will have to have something to climb up from.
D - 12" ea
E -  22 1/2 ea
F -   8" ea
<p>Thanks! I think my cats are heavier than yours so will probably be buying bigger PVC pipe. </p>
<p>How do you fasten the board to the PVC pipe?</p>
<p>Screws? Drill a hole thru the PVC and put a bolt thru it?</p>
<p>You mentioned dowel rods but I see nothing about them in the instructions. What are the dowel rods for?</p>
Thank you for pointing that out. Appears I left that off the instructions. If you look at the initial photos, you will see where there are little dowel rods sticking up out of the PVC pipe. They are put in place to keep the hammock from sliding around.
<p>Great let me know when the garage sale starts. I want one</p>
This is great I'm making one inspired by this
Oh no you've got me started again
Oh yes, this has inspired the next home project here!

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