This is a cat toy that mounts to your fridge with a powerful magnet. It is simple to build and should keep your feline entertained...if they are in the mood. As cats are more fickle than the weather I can't make any promises.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Tools you'll need include:

  • screw driver
  • pliers

Materials you'll need include:

  • magnet
  • spring
  • scrap metal
  • screws
  • yarn
careful he doesnt open the fridge lol
No picture of the cat?
No they were asleep. Plus the one is too cool for strings. Strings are for kittens in her opinion. The other one would just be blur as she unleashed her paws of furry upon the unsuspecting yarny bastard.
Maybe cat was sceared off by mouse mouse. :D It doesn't want to be cat mouse. :D
I would play with it if I were a cat, or even not being a cat I probably would to.
Looks great. I'd just add the caveat that you should make sure the yarn is tied securely to the spring, and is strong enough that the cat can't chew through it and swallow pieces. Bad things happen to kitty intestines when they get tangled with yarn.
And larynxs, don't forget the larynx.

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