A simple dead-fall style trap that will capture a cat without hurting it.

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials I used simply because they were on hand. The whole machine is very simple so substituting your own materials will not be a problem.

>Milk Crate
>2 Markers
<p>I wish I still had a cat.I would do this.</p>
<p>I used one of those (but smaller) and put a pillow in it and put a old t-short over it so they have the neck hole to get into it!! She loves it!</p>
Now mean people &gt;:( why would you'll idiots want to trap a cat stupid morons....
So, wait, why do we need to trap a tame house cat? Just wondering.
Instead of the feathers I tied a piece of meat on the string and it worked. Also instead of a milk crate I used a fish tank that I drilled hole into. Because if you trap a cat in a milk crat they can walk and the crate moves. <br>
In my country, cat catches you! Sorry, had to do it.
Very ingeneous. I wonder where I could get a big enough milk crate to catch moose?
Did you try using a milk crate truck? Same concept, you just may need bigger markers to prop it up with....
I think by then it would be cheaper to buy a moose.
Wouldn't it be easier to shoot the moose
I kind of want to try this now...
One Word: Cement
Two words: Maple Syrup
Three words Maple Cement Syrup
4 words- maple syrup and cement
Five Words: Absolutely.
no thank you. lol<br />
thank you!! i will use this when its time to get her fixed.
An explosion of kittens. It's better than radiation because it can scrab u with it's claws
I want your kittens, the one at the bottem with the half caramel half black
i can definatly use this with my cat... she is new to my home, and she escaped one room but she shows herself at night (i dont know where she hides during day) but with this we can get her and put her back ijn the room to get used to us (and hopefuly not escape again)
When i first got my cat i sat in the bathroom with him and pet him untill he would come to me.
When I first got my cat it was a kitten so it lived in a hamster cage. What??!?!!!? He was a small kitten<br>
you should tie a bell to your cat that worked for mine but be warned it can get annoying after awhile :P
My friend put a bell on her cat's collar. The cat learned how to walk on 3 paws, with the right front one holding the bell silent. ;)
we tryed that... she got it off within 10 min...
You should see about those whistle/clap keychains. Fasten it to the ring on the collar, but make sure that it doesnt hang down too much or shorten the chain on it...or use a smaller ring. Then, when you need to find the cat, just clap or whistle.
she is used to us now so we dont need it...i mean all you have to do is look on a persons bed and you will find her sleeping on it
I find that leaving cats alone lets them get used to me the quickest.
Damn if only I had the cat. Lol. I have one 2 infact no intention of trying this on them though
wait i thought deadfall traps were when you covered a pit in camoflauge and traped things that fell through the camo (like digging a hole in the beach and putting a towl over it so when people stepp on the towl they fall into the hole)
yeah but nobody is gunna step on someone elses towell
That's really fun a the beach, true. Just got to dig the hole so deep but before the person you're gonna trap arrives. Plus someone could get hurt.
So you can use this with different kinds of small mammals just switch the bait?
hmmm.. very nice. i can see my rabbit problem going away very quickly
cool well i dont have a milk crate =-(<br/>
If you dont have a milk creat use a card board box
or a laundry hamper...
or anything box shaped LOL.
I have a round laundry hamper... What now HS?!? Yeah! take that! :-p
use pants cut into a square then soak it in concrete
how would that help?<br /> <br />
how Wouldn't it help?<br />
Wouldn't it still hurt the cat if a piece of pants covered in concrete hit it?<br />
..wut<br />
You might want to watch the size of the hand holes in the milk crate. We had one cat get his head stuck inside one of them. We finally got his head out, but it took a while and I&nbsp;can't imagine the cat being to comfy..&nbsp;
You all need to come my way one of my neighbors catches cats and stuffs them sells them too and people ask if there real and he tells them no! He is kind of creepy as my friends would say but he taught me allot about taxidermy.
AFAIK cat fur cannot be used or traded legally in the US. Don't know if this applies.
Allergy issues. Some time ago, a batch of chinse plush toys (teddy bears or something) came made out of cat fur (creepy as f**k), and there were many cases across US and Canada of serious allergic reactions. <boast>heh, I know this stuff and I'm not even american...</boast>

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