Cat Treat Trailmix





Introduction: Cat Treat Trailmix

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This trail mix will want your cat to love it. My cats absolutely love it. The cat treats and catnip gave me the idea for it.

Step 1: Cat Treat Time

First you want to get some cat treats , catnip, and a plastic bag. Then you put them in the bag and shake for 2 minutes.

Step 2: Feed Me Time

You want to get your cat used to the kind of trail mix then you can feed it to them and when you run out you can make a new one. So hope your cats love it. Enjoy!:)



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    5 Discussions

    Cute cat! Nice idea for the trail mix, and its good for the cat to have a reward! Thanks!

    Well done! It's rewarding for your cat to eat treats, and having a range of treats, like the trail-mix, gets your cat used to lots of food! Well done!!

    Hope every one likes