Introduction: Cat Box Liner

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Cheap and easy cat box liner replacement.

Step 1: Take Out the Waste

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Remove lid. Remove band (that you will make by looping a bunch of simple rubber bands into a circle) Fold edges of liner together. Put it in the trash. SIMPLE!

Step 2: Make the Loop Band

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Easy enough. Take a handful of simple rubber bands and loop one through the next and back through itself. Continue that process until you get the size of loop that fits snuggly around your cat pan. knot the ends together to close the band.

Step 3: Making the Liner

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Take a simple roll of trash bags. Leave it folded up on itself. then cut the edges off just after the seems. Don't worry about getting close to the seem. you should have plenty of extra to play with.

Step 4: Split the Liner in Two

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Unfold the liner and you will get two out of one trash bag by cutting it down the middle.

Step 5: Line the Box

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Put one of the new liners in the box and push down in the corners. So the liner sits flush in the box. Wrap the rubber loop around the box and over the liner. Perhaps push the corners down one last time too.

Step 6: Fill the Box

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Snap on the lid and fill the box up with fresh stuff. I use the Arm and Hammer corn based clumping cat litter. Smells the best. Store the other liner for the next time.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-08-23

Nice way to help keep the litter box clean.

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