Cat Bunk Beds With Old Suitcases





Introduction: Cat Bunk Beds With Old Suitcases

I asked my grandma if I could have a set of her 60 year old suitcases. They were two shades of brown (like they all were). I removed the lids, painted them green, replaced the fabric inside, added legs, cut down railing spindles, put them together, and created cat bunk beds for my girlfriend's birthday. She loves it and so do her cats!!



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    ya I know right it will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It sounds really fun i am going to try it

    you took my prodject

    Is the top bed & legs attached to the bottom inside of the bottom, or is it just sitting in it?

    It's just sitting in it

    Sweet! My cats would love it:)

    Mine do! Congrats on your team's cup

    I can not wait to TRY to build this. I hope mine comes out 1/2 as good as this.

    it's pretty simple really. If you paint it, my advice is to tape up all the hardware like crazy and spray paint it. I tried brushing at first and I stopped after a few strokes because I know it wouldn't look good.