Picture of Cat from Coraline
 My cousin really wanted the cat from Coraline, so she requested it from me for a Christmas present. The cat is made of yarn, felt, a plastic nose, plastic whiskers, and polyester fiberfill. I made the pattern myself. Enjoy!
suzibc4 years ago
Your cat is perfect!! I would love to buy this pattern from you if you find it. Please! I am a black cat junkie, and I loved Coraline. I have two black cats and love them dearly. Anyways, I hope you find it and see this. Really it is gorgeous work!
sakurakrys (author)  suzibc4 years ago
Thanks! I still have not come across it, sadly. I'll keep looking.
suzibc4 years ago
still enjoying your cat very much !! any luck finding your pattern?
It is so lovely!
sakurakrys (author)  suzibc4 years ago
Sorry, I still haven't come across it. I think I found part of it, but not the important parts (like the face) that I can't replicate easily.
sorry to bother you like that! no worries.. I won't keep bugging.
I just really really loved your work.
thankyou again
suzibc4 years ago
Thanks for looking, in the meantime I'll keep peeking at, and enjoying you cat pic! LOL . I adore how you did the eyes. Very nice :) you have great talent.
happyjo4 years ago
coraline I love!
briarmart5 years ago
Really, the pattern would be great, my kids would love this
Jayefuu5 years ago
That's brilliant. Will you be including the pattern in this slideshow at some point?
sakurakrys (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
 I'm not exactly sure where I put the pattern...but if I come across it, sure!
Looks awesome, I'd love to see the pattern!