Step 6: Make the Base Neat

Purely a cosmetic detail, but let's make it nice.
Unfortunately, I don't have a handy tree in my yard/garden. But, I do like the hubcap idea. I actually have some hubcaps from a long-since-departed car, which are quite pretty, really. So, I think we can figure out how to make a sturdy, immoveable (anchored in the ground) base on which to mount them. Thanks for the idea!
Great, glad to have inspired you! <br>The birdbath is still very much in use, and I've allowed the tree to grow up a little around it, so it blends in a little more now. <br>I have found that it's best not to fill it completely, because the birds prefer a shallower-sloping edge to their bath. <br>
I dig the safety jacket... good on you bru !!
Its a great idea! The only problem is that it will be hard to clean since its so high. These things tend to get full of bird poop and feathers and need to be cleaned out every few days.<br /> <br /> If you only lopped off the top off the tree and left the root system intact I think it will still keep growing and eventually break the concrete sidewalk...?<br />
uhh...cats climb trees. Unless your cat is already de-clawed, you made a very tall scratchpost; but hopfully not a cat-feeder... D:
Aww, look at the cute little kitty!
Very cool idea! I recently saw a submission on www.Greenwala.com contest Choose to Reuse where a lady had found an old bathroom sink and decorated it to look like a Peacock and now uses it as a bird bath! Great ideas on what to reuse old things for. <br/> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.greenwala.com/greenwala_contests/all/5-Choose-to-Reuse-Sponsored-by-Hewlett-Packard-HP/entries/all/75-Peacock-birdbath-SINK">http://www.greenwala.com/greenwala_contests/all/5-Choose-to-Reuse-Sponsored-by-Hewlett-Packard-HP/entries/all/75-Peacock-birdbath-SINK</a><br/>
Birds generally prefer to bathe about 2-3 feet from the ground. Seldom any higher. If your bird bath tree is way up as it appears, you may have built a mosquito hatchery instead :(
I like the Idea, but I agree with Tibet, you should buy a post or something instead of cutting down a healthy tree.
The tree had to go anyway; it was only when I was cutting it down that I thought about using the base of it. The four-foot lengths I cut the rest of the tree into are stacked to provide wildlife habitat.
it´s nice, but cutting a healthy tree this way is terrible!
I will be waiting for the update. Good hunting.:)
Do the cats <em>try</em> to get up there. or do they know they're beaten?<br/><br/>L<br/>
I haven't seen them try yet, but it's early days.
Well, it certainly looks cat-proof. L
With no evidence that birds are bathing in your pool, you just lopped off a tree, so until then, you have failed in the minds of internet skeptics.
Touché! You are absolutely right... I will have to try & catch birds using it. I saw one on it almost as soon as it was in place, but he didn't bathe, just drank.Do you think a couple of stones placed in it would make it easier to get in & out? Rest assured I will endeavour to get photographic evidence.

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