Picture of Cat-proof birdbath
In this Instructable we will make a birdbath that (hopefully) will be immune to unwelcome feline attention. To do this we will use:
1 tree
2 London taxi-style hubcaps, as found on the verge
1 bolt
1 washer
1 tube of silicone
Assorted standard tools

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Step 1: Cut down a tree

Picture of Cut down a tree
Well, not exactly 'cut down', but it certainly won't be buying you a drink next time you meet.
Essentially we're looking for a tall post that will prevent cat-pouncing, well anchored to the ground. Sounds like the first 10' of a birch tree... We had a suitable candidate, a beautiful tree, but sadly its root system was starting to destroy our pathway.

Step 2: Trim the tree

Picture of Trim the tree
We need something vaguely horizontal, otherwise the water'll fall out, so trim the tree to give a nice, neat, horizontal post.

Step 3: Drill a hole in it

Picture of Drill a hole in it
Now we need to drill a hole so that the bird bath can be securely fixed in place. Might as well drill a hole in one of the taxi hubcaps at the same time...

Step 4: Cut the hubcap down to size

Picture of Cut the hubcap down to size
This hubcap is the connection to the tree, it has a hole in it (so far), now let's cut it down to a frisbee-esque disc that'll form a good base for the other hubcap (oh yes, you'll need two)...

Step 5: Wash the hubcaps

Picture of Wash the hubcaps
You can't have a dirty birdbath: the wee sweeties'll sicken. So wash those hubcaps.

Step 6: Make the base neat

Picture of Make the base neat
Purely a cosmetic detail, but let's make it nice.

Step 7: Base & bolt

Picture of Base & bolt
Base, bolt & washer ready to fix to the tree

Step 8: Fix it to the tree

Picture of Fix it to the tree
Now bolt the base to the tree

Step 9: Silicone the base

Picture of Silicone the base
The base gets siliconed generously, so as to adhere securely to the second hubcap

Step 10: Squidge on the second hubcap

Picture of Squidge on the second hubcap
Press the second hubcap onto the remains of the first.
Use a spirit level to try and get it reasonably horizontal.

Step 11: The enemy

Picture of The enemy
Know locally as the devil

Step 12: Admire

Picture of Admire
Ok, it's a bit silver

Step 13: Fill it with water

Picture of Fill it with water
It's time to fill the birdbath with water.

Step 14: Postscript

Picture of Postscript
It's a few months since the installion of the birdbath, it's been quite popular with the birds.
The main problem with it is cleaning & refilling it, which I need to do atop a set of steps.
The tree has regrown a surprising amount