Picture of Cat-sized Cardboard Dome
This 'ible was heavily influenced and inspired by supersoftdrinks awesome Cardboard Play Dome she made for her kids. (Can be found in ) I was impressed and wanted to make one myself, but as an "adult" it would have had to be huge and it would take a lot of space from our small apartment. Still, I wanted to do this, and I thought to myself: "If I only had kids to make this to, they'd think I'm an awesome mother." Then I realized, petting our newly rescued cat, that I had someone to make this to.

Our cats first walked around it, the braver one finally got cozy in it in the evening. I still have to add something soft inside for them to lay on, and paint the whole thing as soon as I get the right paint.
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Step 1: Preparing

Picture of Preparing
I gathered up the needed materials:
- Thicker cardboard for the base squares and lighter boxes (cereal boxes, etc.) for the triangles.
- A glue gun would have been perfect, but I had to resort to my "universal" glue. If you have a glue gun, protect your fingers with thick gloves if you leave as small flaps than I did, because the hot glue will hurt.
- A ruler , pens for marking and paper to trace your patterns.
- Clothespins or something small to clamp the pieces together while the glue dries
- Paint (I will paint mine when I get the paint), even acrylic paint will stick to this and it's not too big to paint it for a few times.
- Something cozy and soft to line the bottom so your furry friends enjoy it.

I opened my boxes flat, decided the measures for the five triangles to make a pentagon with little notch in it to make the center rise up a little when glued. I was feeling lazy and didn't want to count my own measurements, so I took the ones supersoftdrink had and turned them into centimeters to get the desired small triangles. My measures were: A = 10,4 cm and B = 12 cm.

You'll need 30 AAB triangles and 9 BBB triangles, and 9 B-squares. If you want to put windows in it, leave out one of the B-triangles from the top.

Draw the sample-triangle of both sizes to the cardboard or a piece of paper and add at least 1 cm flaps in each sides.

This is the number 2 reason I want a cat.

i am going to make this O-O
grannyjones2 years ago
I imagine this made of quarter inch OSB, with carpet glued to the ourside.
Maybe a panel of clear or smoky acrylic.
Such spoiled kitties!
Kui siisti! Vois väsäillä kaverin kissoille tommosen... Great work, dare I say :)
patron_zero3 years ago
Very, very cool ! I find when making structures from corrugated cardboard the 'two-layer rule' gets the best results, such being two layers of identical pieces bonded together but with the 'grain' oriented perpendicular to one another, will give amazing stiffness and strength.
Hemptastic3 years ago
Ihan kaunis -- Will make this tomorrow, thank you!
Uptonb3 years ago
Good luck on the Pets Challenge.
Mupton1013 years ago
Very cleaver. I'm going to try it.
msaarela3 years ago
:) ! Our cats loved it !
Nelyan (author)  msaarela3 years ago
It would be great if you posted a picture of yours!
msaarela Nelyan3 years ago
But honey, you are the picturemaster in our household. I barely know how to hold a camera
This would be awesome on a larger scale for my kiddo. She loves small spaces to hide :) Thanks!
Nelyan (author)  Baritone Blues3 years ago
Look at my inspiration; it's an actual child-sized play dome:
Awesome job! Are you going to sprinkle some catnip into some of the cardboard? That'd be hilarious to watch. :)

You could make a little round pad with cushioned walls to line the inside of the dome to make it more comfy for a cat.
Nelyan (author)  supersoftdrink3 years ago
My cats also love to tear cardboard and sharpen their clavs in it, so this is made to be trashed or replaced when broken, but good idea; maybe if it's done with plywood it could be cushioned. Oh what a throne it would be :D
pheenix423 years ago
Brilliant! With larger cardboard, one could even build one child-sized for a playhouse!

Nelyan (author)  pheenix423 years ago
This 'ible is actually influenced by one superdoftdrink made, check it out:
patron_zero3 years ago
I make paper toys and cardboard structures for my nieces and nephews, great job rescaling the dome for your cats !

One suggestion, consider a few 'signature' touches like perhaps a cutouts in the upper-most triangles, you won't lose strength if you double layer the now 'frame' pieces. I also find stretching a mesh-air breathable fabric between said layers makes a nice finishing touch as well as allows a good circulation to keep the playhouse fresh..

Again, nice job all around !
elcivmn3 years ago you think rabbits would enjoy this as well?
Nelyan (author)  elcivmn3 years ago
I'm sure, but with these measurements it will be quite big, maybe too big to fit a cage. It works if your rabbits have much room to move around in (like in an outside-enclosure or a own room where they can take a walk outside the cage), unless you scale it down a bit or make just the top dome-part. :)
If they have a habit to chew cardboard, use an adhesive that won't be dangerous to them if nibbled.
I'd make this for the bunny shelter I volunteer for. The buns always love to have weird-ly shaped toys and hideaways.
This is an adorable sequel! I had been wanting to make my cats a new house (they love to shred cardboard) and this might just fit the bill!