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Introduction: Cat Sky Trails

About: I live in Taiwan, English is poor. I have to use Google translate to writing. I have three cats and an old dog. They are my inspiration.

My kittens grow up. They love chasing each other. The original cat tree is not enough. So I went to Ikea to find some items can make a cat trail.


Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4: Drill and Silicon

The works fixed to the wall with a drill and silicon will be secure. However, my cat has interfered with my work. I can not take pictures, so I put a picture of him lying on the drill box.

If you look at this picture, you can see a door knob has been lost. Because they are so energetic that damage furniture.

Step 5: Finished Goods

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    ohhhh my...I have a feeling I am going to regret this...BUT IT'S SO AWESOME!!!

    Cool stuff!! I had an idea, you could put led strips inside the little boxes on the underside to make cool lamps too. And I bet the cats would love the warmth from them as well if you have many :)

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    Wow! It is good idea.

    Thanks a lot.

    I googled and found these on Amazon, but a commenter mentioned they were only $2.99 at Ikea. Great! I would think about installing these metal things and put pillows in them.. Been looking for some solution like this for a long time, thank you!

    Looks like the bottom part would work for us, but my cats are 18 inches tall from top of their back to the floor & weigh over 20 lbs.

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    I would think you could easily place two or three next to each other to accommodate your kitties. :)

    I LOVE this!!! LOVE!!! Makes me wish I could have a cat.

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    This looks awesome. Why am I not a cat with that.

    1 reply

    I have a friend who did something similar years ago. While it is fun to watch the cats climb on them, it also a pain cleaning as you watch the cat

    1 reply

    Ha ha ha! It is true. As you see,my cats have short hair. I think my hair on the floor are more terrible.